26 May 2020

On The Pull: Lockdown Edition 2

Matt C: Things are far from getting back to normal yet but they seem to be heading in the right direction at least. So that means that - yes! - new comics are arriving this week.

Some of you will be aware that, during the period that Diamond closed its doors, DC used the services of a couple of newly set up distributors to get comics to places that could take them in the States, meaning there will be a bit of catching up to do on these shores (hence two issues of Justice League). Marvel are taking a more cautious approach with their scheduling.

The below will be available from Paradox Comics this week but bear in mind the shop isn't officially open for business so make sure you get in touch directly if you need any of the below.

(Nothing this week)

Basketful of Heads #7 (of 7)     £3.45
Batman Beyond #43      £3.45
Batman Giant #4       £3.45
Books of Magic #19      £4.25
Daphne Byrne #4 (of 6)      £3.45
DCeased: Unkillables #3 (of 3)     £4.25
Dollhouse Family #6 (of 6)     £3.45
Dreaming #20       £3.45
Harley Quinn #72      £3.45
He-Man & Masters of the Multiverse #6    £3.45
Justice League #44      £3.45
Justice League #45      £3.45
Justice League Odyssey #20     £3.45
Lois Lane #10 (of 12)      £3.45
Low Low Woods #5 (of 6)      £3.45
Metal Men #6 (of 12)      £3.45
Our Fighting Forces Giant #1     £4.25
Plunge #3 (of 6)      £3.45
Red Hood: Outlaw #45      £3.45
Suicide Squad #5      £3.45
Teen Titans #41       £3.45
Terrifics #27       £3.45
Wonder Woman Giant #4      £4.25

7 May 2020

On The Pull: Lockdown Edition

Matt C: As you'll probably be aware, comics due for release in the UK on 26th March have been sat in a Diamond warehouse since before that date, waiting for the first signs of life to spark back into the industry after it all came to an abrupt but inevitable standstill.

Well, the wait is finally over as those comics have now left the warehouse, are in circulation, and have arrived at our very own Paradox Comics!

Rumours are that something approaching normal service (or a new definition of normal) will resume at the end of May, with Marvel beginning to revise their shipping schedules.

In the meantime, we've got new issues of personal favourites like X-Men, Far Sector and Lazarus: Risen within our grasp and no amount of lockdown is ever going to kick the comics habit for those of us in it for the long haul.

It's worth remembering that, especially in times like these, comic shops need cashflow to keep going, so get your orders in and make sure that money changes hands as soon as it's possible to do so (they have digital financial transactions these days, don't you know)!

The PCG remains in 'quiet mode' for the interim, but our passion for this medium remains undiminished!

22 Mar 2020

The PCG - Closing Our Doors... For Now

Matt C: It's getting crazier by the day at the moment and the world as we know is changing into something that would have been unimaginable a couple of months ago. We've been writing about comics here for well over a decade, mostly to a set schedule (weekly releases and reviews), but it now seems abundantly clear that various factors are going to disrupt that schedule for the next few months at the very least.

Rather than take a 'business as usual' approach until such time as that becomes an impossibility, we're taking a leaf from physical spaces across the globe and closing our doors for a while. There's going to be a period of adjustment for all of us here at the PCG as our daily lives change dramatically, so for the time being that seems like the best place to be focusing our energies.

But fear not, we're not closing down for good! It'll take a lot more than a pesky virus to kill off our passion for comics! 

We will return soon, and it may be in a format different from the one we're used to (and you're used to) but once we've figured out how to take things forward we will be back again with our views on our beloved medium.

Take care of yourselves and those around you, keeping reading comics (time to dive back into your long boxes?), and we'll be back before you know it.

As always, thanks for reading.

21 Mar 2020

The Shipping Forecast: May 2020

Every month we spend an evening scouring the pages of the latest issue of Previews and pick the titles we are looking forward to the most. This month it's the March issue which includes comics scheduled to ship in May 2020.

Writer: Paul Grist
Art: Andrea Di Vito
Marvel $3.99

Andy H: While there are many, many titles spinning out of Empyre, this is the one I will be picking up. Following in the footsteps of Excalibur and Knights Of Pendragon, the UK has another superhero team; The Union! Featuring Choir, Kelpie, Snakes and Brittania, four heroes from four nations. It doesn't stop there though. We also get the return of a favourite 'old' hero, Union Jack. This new team will be part of the planet's defence as the Empyre saga unfolds. Paul Grist is series writer and I'm really looking forward to his depiction of Union Jack, a character he once submitted a story for but was rejected. He went on to rework this idea and created Jack Staff - looks like it's finally gone full circle.