2 Nov 2007

What is the Paradox Comics Group?

The Paradox Comics Group has its origins in a rather inauspicious venue, namely Borders book store in Bournemouth, England. There, way back in January 2001, a soon to be former-employee of the store, Gemma B, set up what was known as the Borders Graphic Novel Reading Group.

It was a small but successful group: firm friendships were made, much fun was had, and it probably caused all those attending to start buying a hell of a lot more comics. It didn't last forever though. Gemma moved on to pastures new and without a leader (or a venue) the Borders Graphic Novel Reading Group ceased to be.

I missed it though - the arguments, the laughs, the passion. I need my monthly fix of comics talk.

I discussed this situation with Andy, proprietor of possibly the best comics shop in the world (!), Paradox in Poole, and he agreed. As another former member of the Borders group he was also missing the monthly get-togethers - so we came up with a plan.

We had a few members of the Borders group still kicking around, plus a few of Andy's comic-reading pals, so who needed a specific venue to talk about comics?

And so, in the summer of 2004, the Paradox Comics Group was born, and over three years later it's still going strong.

So, while we regularly hook up to chat about our favourite books.... now it's time to take it to the next level.

This blog exists as an extension of the Group, a forum for its members to write about what they love and hate (but mostly love) about comics. We may not always agree on things, but we all have a lot to say about this beloved medium and we will say it with passion.


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Ian said...

Nice one Matt. Paradox enters the 21st century!!