4 Dec 2007

The Paradox "Oscars" 2007

Every year the regular customers at Paradox get their chance to vote for their favourites of the year from a list of nominations decided by the members of the Paradox Comic Group. Because nobody thought up a catchy name we went with Paradox "Oscars" instead!

We now present the winners for 2007:

Best Ongoing Title: Captain America

Also nominated: Daredevil, Immortal Iron Fist, Fell

Best Mini Series: Chronicles Of Wormwood

Also nominated: World War Hulk, Gutsville, Faker

Best New Title: Immortal Iron Fist

Also nominated: Thor, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dynamo 5

Best Writer: Ed Brubaker

Also nominated: Warren Ellis, Andy Diggle, Geoff Johns

Best Artist: Darwyn Cooke

Also nominated: Jock, Ben Templesmith, Steve Epting

Best Cover Artist: Adam Hughes

Also nominated: Boo Cook, Adi Granov, Alex Ross

Most Promising Talent: Boo Cook

Also nominated: Si Spurrier, Christos Gage, Simone Bianchi

Best Original Graphic Novel: Crécy

Also: Incredible Change-Bots, Alice In Sunderland, Eduardo Risso's Tales Of Terror

Best Adaptation: 300

Also: Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, Hellboy Animated, Superman: Doomsday

Best Merchandise: Women Of DCU Busts

Also nominated: Marvel Legends, Marvel Figurines, Randy Bowen Busts

Best Publisher: Marvel

Also nominated: DC, Image, Archaia

Best Main Character: Thor

Also nominated: Judge Dredd, John Constantine, Hulk

Best Supporting Character: Winter Soldier

Also nominated: Jimmy The Rabbit, Jimmy Olsen, Agent 355

Best Villain: Tony Stark

Also nominated: Red Skull, PJ Maybe, Black Adam

Disappointment Of The Year: Late Books

Also nominated: Civil War, DC's continuing Crisis, Brian Michael Bendis

Best Website: Newsarama

Also nominated: Comic Book Resources, 2000AD Online, Comic Pants

Most Looking Forward To In 2008: The Dark Knight movie

Also nominated: Bristol Comic Expo '08, the return of Steve Rogers?, Iron Man movie


Unknown said...

There's some good picks in there, even if the mighty Dynamo 5 got pipped to Best New. Nice to see Winter Soldier and Tony Stark holding their place, and Dark Knight is definitely a shoo in for best adaptation next year (the posters look quality; http://blog.newsarama.com/2007/12/04/the-dark-knight-teaser-poster-unveiled/). I'll be interested to see if a few names remain in next years nominations.

Matt Clark said...

I was little disappointed by Tony Stark's win as Best Villain. He's been misguided this year but I wouldn't call him evil. I'm sure he'll be redeemed by the time the movie comes out though.