12 Jun 2008

A New Look?!

Regular vistors to this site over the last few days may have got the impression that we've started randomly changing the colour scheme for no reason whatsoever! Rest assured, there is a reason for this.

Last weekend the blog appeared to reformat its layout all by itself and we couldn't figure out how or why it was happening. Best solution seemed to be to get a new blog template, but we haven't 100% decided on which one to go with yet. Without extensive html knowledge it does feel like we're groping in the dark a bit (and yeah, I managed to delete half the links from the right-hand sidebar!) but we will get there in the end!

Content will remain unchanged, and normal service will be resumed shortly, Blogger permiting.


Ian said...

This current look, in pale blue, is quite nice if that's any help!

Matt Clark said...

Yep, I think we'll stick with it, for the time being at least!