11 Sept 2008

Ten Forward: November 2008

Every month we spend an evening scouring the pages of the latest issue of Previews and pick the ten titles we are looking forward to the most. This month it's the September issue of Previews which includes comics scheduled to ship in November 2008.

Writer: Mark Wheaton & Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art: Rashan Ekedahl
Dark Horse $2.99

Matt T: It may not sound like the most glamorous side of crime scene investigation, but the cleaners have an important job to do, what with the amount of gore happening in this book. Along the way the crack team of men with squeegee mops have to contend with the supernatural, missing children and a worldwide shortage of Jif. Okay, I made up the last one, but this makes the dull side of CSI sound a heck of a lot more interesting, and both the writer and artist have some indie and horror pedigree amongst them.

Writer: David Micheline & Bob Layton
Art: Bernard Chang & Bob Layton
Marvel $4.99

James R: Marvel's The End series tend to be decidedly hit and miss affairs - they're either brilliantly told one-shots written by those who have a genuine understanding of the characters (Punisher or Hulk) or they're largely pointless steps forward as with X-Men and Wolverine, so this one could go either way. While it’s being brought to us by the same creative team responsible for some of Iron Man's greatest 80s moments (such as Tony Stark's mullet phase!) it might yet fall into the dreaded ‘meh’ file. If you like your Shell-Head this could be the perfect winter diversion until the Iron Man DVD comes out.

Writer: Jason Pearsons
Art: Jason Pearson & Dave Stewart
Image $5.99

Andy H: It's been a while, but after several delays Clownface and Panda are back! Hopefully as over the top as ever. We were first introduced to the body-baggers in a controversial late 90s miniseries from Dark Horse. Jason Pearson shocked some folk with the content of the story but dazzled others with his glorious art and fast-paced storytelling. Now at Image, we catch up with the father and daughter contract killers, trapped. Surrounded by a small army of goons and down to their last bullet they must make this one shot count. We're promised this one ends with a bang. I wouldn't expect anything less from Mr Pearson and Body Bags.

Writer: Kevin Smith
Art: Walt J. Flanagan & Sandra Pope
DC $3.99

Matt C: Kevin Smith: remember him? Back in the days of the Daredevil relaunch he was treated like some sort of writing God who took a break from making hit and hip movies to aid the struggling comics industry with his vast talents. That view of him lasted quite some time, but then – possibly around the time he admitted he’d never finish the four-issue Daredevil/Bullseye mini after delivering just one issue – the bubble burst. The other series that initially looked like we’d never see a conclusion too, Spider-Man/Black Cat, well the less said about that misguided attempt at filling in Felicia Hardy’s back story, the better. His movies haven’t really been that much cop recently either, so the question is, will this be any good? Or, more to point, will it ever get finished?! And are you keen enough on his work to take the risk on the first issue and plonk down $3.99 (or your local equivalent)? Not sure I am, truth be told. I’d kind of like him to prove me wrong, but I’m not convinced yet. A possible purchase then, nowhere near definite, but in need of highlighting all the same.

Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Eric Nyugen
Dark Horse $3.50

Matt T: Normally massive frickin' robots don't float my boat, but Gigantic has a different take. Going from The Truman Show angle (their PR waffle, not mine), the eponymous 'bot will be the unsuspecting star of a reality TV show while his origins are slowly revealed. Mr Remender looks to be cashing in on his new found notoriety by writing everything under the sun, so hopefully this will be more regular than End League, otherwise we won't see issue 2 till 2010.

Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Paul Duffield
Avatar $19.99

James R: Warren, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. You know I love your stuff and I think you've been in great form of late with comics like Fell, Doktor Sleepless and Anna Mercury. I haven't embraced your championing of new technology, and thus your webcomic FreakAngels, mainly because I was trapped with a dial-up internet connection till last week. Well done to Avatar Press for bringing the digital age back to the printed world and releasing this anthology. If you've been technologically backwards like me pick this up, but don't tell Warren, he'll eat your heart!

Writer: Peter David
Art: Robin Riggs
IDW $3.99

Andy H: I'll hold my hands up and admit that I haven't read all Peter David’s work. I have missed his novels but I can now dip into this adaptation of his fantasy character, Sir Apropos, by the man himself. It looks like this is told with David’s flair for humour as we follow a cynical knight in his search for buried treasure. He travels across a desert on a horse with no name and there is mention of a Tower that is somewhat "dark". Is nothing sacred?

Writer: Arvid Nelson
Art: Will Conrad
Dark Horse $2.99

Matt C: It’s too early to tell whether Dark Horse can match the success of Conan with other Robert E Howard properties, but with Solomon Kane soon hitting the shelves, followed by this new title, I have high hopes that they can deliver the goods. I’m only really aware of the creators involved in this by name alone but the art looks pretty tasty and I’m quite keen on a bit of sword-slashing mayhem these days, so I anticipate sticking around for the full five-issue run.

Writer: Kevin Grevioux
Art: Mat Broome
Marvel $3.99

Matt T: Sentry-style, this hero is a by-product of the many thousands fallen by the wayside from the 60s, who is now being given a new lease of life by the New Warriors writer. There's a definite sense of 'do I still care?', what with The Twelve and Project Superpowers still ongoing, but hopefully the goofy- sounding Anti-Man will help elevate it to something better. We all know he'll be integrated into the main universe and get ruined soon, but keep the title character within his own sphere and I'll be happy.

Writer & Art: Kevin Huizenga
Drawn and Quarterly $21.95

James R: This is something a little bit different which appeals to my indie comics side. Huizenga's stories deal with an everyman living in the suburbs, but delve off into meditations on morality, theology, belief and golf. When this was first reviewed The Onion's AV Club reviewers made it their comic of the year and I'm chuffed D&Q have re-released it. It's a great comic for your intellectual side (go on, you know you've got one!)

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