3 Dec 2008

The Paradox "Oscars" 2008

Every 12 months the regular customers at Paradox get their chance to vote for their favourites of the year from a list of nominations decided by the members of the Paradox Comic Group. Because nobody thought up a catchy name we went with Paradox "Oscars" instead!

We now present the winners for 2008:

Best Ongoing Title: Captain America

Also nominated: Hellblazer, Northlanders, Criminal

Best Mini Series: Pax Romana

Also nominated: The Twelve, The Stand: Captain Trips, Elephantmen: War Toys

Best New Title: Northlanders

Also nominated: Guardians Of The Galaxy, Captain Britain & MI:13, Invincible Iron Man

Best Writer: Ed Brubaker

Also nominated: Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman, Grant Morrison

Best Artist: John Romita Jr

Also nominated: Michael Lark, Steve McNiven, Darwyn Cooke

Best Cover Artist: Alex Ross

Also nominated: Boo Cook, Adi Granov, Marko Djurdjevic

Most Promising Talent: Jonathan Hickman

Also nominated: Joe Hill, Greg Hurwitz, Marcos Martin

Best Original Graphic Novel: Aetheric Mechanics

Also: Dear Dracula, Incognegro, Hell House

Best Adaptation: The Dark Knight

Also: Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Best Merchandise: Watching The Watchmen

Also nominated: Graphitti Designs T-Shirts, Marvel Figurines, Randy Bowen Busts

Best Publisher: Marvel

Also nominated: Avatar, Image, Rebellion

Best Main Character: Captain America

Also nominated: Judge Dredd, John Constantine, Thor

Best Supporting Character: Nick Fury

Also nominated: Chief Red Crow, Xander, Chas

Best Villain: Red Skull

Also nominated: Loki, Joker, The Hood

Disappointment Of The Year: Late Books

Also nominated: Marvel, DC, Brian Michael Bendis

Best Website: Comic Book Resources

Also nominated: Newsarama, 2000AD Online, The Beat

Most Looking Forward To In 2009: Watchmen movie

Also nominated: Green Lantern: Blackest Night, Batman by Neil Gaiman, new League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Click here for last the 2007 winners.


Justin B. said...

Pretty solid choices all around. Looks like you guys have some customers with good taste! I would have probably went with Jason Aaron for best writer and Darwyn Cooke for best artist myself but it's hard to argue with any of the picks. I imagine your personal choices are forthcoming?

Matt Clark said...

They were my choices for writer and artist too but I wasn't displeased with the eventual winners. Criminal got my vote for best title and Guardians Of The Galaxy as best new title. Went with Image for best publisher because, as much as I love many Marvel books, stuff like Secret Invasion, Brand New Day etc hasn't done them any favours in 2008.