15 Jan 2009

Ten Forward: March 2009

Every month we spend an evening scouring the pages of the latest issue of Previews and pick the ten titles we are looking forward to the most. This month it's the January issue of Previews which includes comics scheduled to ship in March 2009.

Writer: Christopher Yost
Artist: Scott Wegener
Image $3.99

Andy H: I've stated before that Christopher Yost is a great writer of X-books over at Marvel so it's only right I'm excited to see what he can do with his own book at Image. Hell has come to Earth and it looks like junior account executive Dave is the only man that can stop it! Okay, we've done the demon thing before but here's the rub: is Dave a heroic demon slayer? Or an insane mass murderer? As only Dave can see the demons and they all appear to be his co-workers or people that annoy him even Dave must question his sanity. Scott Wegener provides the smooth uncomplicated art, so if you like his work on Atomic Robo this should be your next stop.

Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art: Paul Pelletier

Marvel $3.99

Matt C: Although I don’t have any fanboy fervour for the likes of the Inhumans or the Shi’ar Empire, it’s the creators involved that guarantees my purchase of this miniseries. Abnett & Lanning have c
ornered the market in Marvel spacebound brilliance, so although they’re playing with some new (to them) characters, the supporting cast will feature many faces they’ve already shown they have an exceptional understanding of. If you enjoyed the Annihilation minis then this is one to add to your pull-list.

Writer: Marc Guggenheim & Vince Gonzales
Art: Mel Rubi
Dynamite Entertainment $3.50

Matt T: Granted, Marvel has done the superhero zombie thing to death (pun intended) but a new spin by Marc Guggenheim might give it some more legs, especially in a whole new universe. The creative
team aside, with a 5-issue limited series it's unlikely this will drag as much, and the art looks cracking.

Writer: Charles Soule
Art: Alan Glagfelter
SLG $9.95

James R: 'NAAACCCHHOOOOOOOOOO!', Ah, I love Nacho Libre, anybody else? ... anyone?... just me and the girlfriend then! But still, I love a bit of Mexican Luca Libredore action. Hate American wrestling mind you, but the Mexicans? Cool! Masks! High Drama! Secret Identities! Charity Work! It's all good. So I'm going to be picking up Strongman, an OGN about a former Mexican Wrestling Great reduced to the status of a bum in New York City. He gets a shot at redemption when he becomes embroiled in a black market trade in organs (as in hearts, not the Church-based variety!). I love the occasional left-field comic, and this could be a gem!

Writer: Jamie Delano
Art: Max Fiuma
Avatar $3.99

Rob N: I’ve mentioned before that I rate Jamie Delano very highly, and feel he’s one of the great unsung talents of the comics industry. Good then to se
e he has another Avatar mini-series due, this time set in the 17th century Caribbean. Bucking the current trend for metrosexual pantomime pirates wearing eyeliner, Delano promises a more serious ‘blood and snot’ approach that sees the Church trying to eradicate a pirate enclave, though I note that (presumably for commercial reasons) there will be a supernatural element too. Delano is an inspiring writer who seems to take pride in never writing the same kind of story twice.

Writer: Mark Waid
Art: Paul Azaceta
Boom! Studios $3.99

Rob N: The Potter’s Field miniseries last year wasn’t just a quality read, it also left us wanting more, which is an achievement in itself. Three issues it seems just wasn’t long enough to tell the story of the mysterious ‘John Doe’, who investigates the deaths of anonymous people buried in a cemetery field reserved for unidentified corpses. In an industry where many story arcs feel padded out to achieve the necessary page count for a collected edition, Potter’s Field could have done with several more issues at the very least. Luckily Mark Waid hasn’t turned his back on the title, so this one-shot will be finding its way onto my standing-order list in March.

Writer: Eric Paterson
Art: Ethan Nicolle
Bad Karma Productions $2.95

Matt C: Most months flicking through Previews there’s usually some indie comic starring the Son of God battling zombies, or Nazis or some other villainous force, and I usually titter at the concept and
then move on. For some reason this title tickled my fancy, as it were, and although it remains to be seen whether having Christ as an action hero can go the distance in the gag stakes, I think I’m going to risk it and get into the Jesus business for a gander at this.

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Clay Mann
Marvel $3.99

Andy H: After the really good Venom: Dark Origins Zeb Wells gets to turn his attention to another deadly - yet easier on the eye - character: Elektra! After her release from her Skrull captors (you did read Secret Invasion, didn't you?) Elektra needs to clear her name but she's in her worst shape ever (if you don't include coming back from the dead!): she's been tortured and beaten and must struggle just to stay alive. On top of this there are plenty of people who would like to take advantag
e of her current predicament and finish her off for good. Some girls just can't get a break!

Writer: Zander Cannon
Art: Da Xiong
Wildstorm $2.99

James R: This preview also acts as a recommendation for the latest Top 10 series - I said last year it would be worth checking out, and I'm pleased to say that three issues in the standard has been excellent - it's an absorbing read with characterization as good as a great TV cop show (though maybe not quite the greatness of The Wire!). This one-shot promises to be more of the same, focusing in on Girl 2 and a tricky court case... if you've been unsure about the world of Top 10, this should be a neat way to get on board; trust me, it'll give you more bang for your buck than an issue of Secret Invasion, that's fer sure!

Writer: Damon Lindelhof
Art: Lenil Francis Yu
Marvel $2.99

Matt T: My God. It's actually going to continue. I can't believe it. After two years of waiting, seething, and trying to remember what the hell happened, the final installments will hit the shelves. Hopefully. As much of the storyline has been spoilt by the various Ultimates and X-Men books since, there's not going to be too many surprises, but at least I'll finally be able to file this limited series away.

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