21 Oct 2009

The Indie Club: BLOOD ORANGE

The Indie Club is an irregular feature where we take a closer look at any small press or self-published books that have crossed our path.

Writer: Justin Giampaoli
Art: Grant Lee
June Lake Press $0.50

Matt C: Memories are funny things. Often your recollection of some event or incident will appear to slip right out of your mind to the point where it’s almost forgotten, only for a random sight, sound, taste or even smell to trigger it’s lightening-quick return to the forefront of your consciousness. And, as if by magic(!), you’re there again, right back in the middle of that memory, as if no time had passed. This is particularly true of childhood memories: during your formative years, when you’re perception of the world may not be as expansive as in later life, certain things make much more of an impact. These memories are especially potent because, big or small, they help shape the person you will eventually become.

Justin Giampaoli taps into one such memory in the delightfully honest, autobiographical short story, Blood Orange. During tough times in the late ‘70s Giampaoli’s parents had to resort to eating blood oranges from the garden tree when the money wouldn’t stretch to anything more substantial. At the time Giampaoli was completely oblivious to what was really going on, and so the significance of that week’s feeding habits only became apparent in later on. That’s hardly surprising since, as kids, we usually miss much of the details in the big picture, but it’s obvious from his tale that this was a moment that really stuck with Giampaoli, especially once those missing details were discovered in hindsight.

Grant Lee’s linework is simple but incredibly effective, drawing out the emotion of Giampaoli’s tale. It may be only eight pages long but it packs a punch because, while the events might be entirely personal, the feelings exhibited are universal, and any piece of art that can achieve that effect is something that deserves to find an audience. 8/10

Purchase a copy of Blood Orange here.

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Justin Giampaoli said...

Thanks, Matt! Glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to more of The Indie Club!