8 Dec 2009

The Paradox "Oscars" 2009

Every 12 months the regular customers at Paradox get their chance to vote for their favourites of the year from a list of nominations decided by the members of the Paradox Comic Group. Because nobody thought up a catchy name we went with Paradox "Oscars" instead!

We now present the winners for 2009:

Best Ongoing Title: Detective Comics

Also nominated: Captain America, Invincible Iron Man, Northlanders

Best Mini Series: Blackest Night

Also nominated: Incognito, Locke & Key: Head Games, Wednesday Comics

Best New Title: Batman & Robin

Also nominated: Chew, Secret Warriors, The Unwritten

Best Writer: Geoff Johns

Also nominated: Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Greg Rucka

Best Artist: J.H. Williams III

Also nominated: Olivier Coipel, Frank Quitely, Ivan Reis

Best Cover Artist: John Cassaday

Also nominated: Boo Cook, Alex Ross, J.H. Williams III

Most Promising Talent: Boo Cook

Also nominated: Marian Churchland, Marko Djurdjevic, Ben Stenbeck

Best Original Graphic Novel: Asterios Polyp

Also: Dark Entries, Grandville, The Hunter

Best Adaptation: Watchmen

Also: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Green Lanter: First Flight, X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Best Merchandise: Blackest Night rings

Also nominated: FCUK Superhero T-Shirts, Graphitti Designs T-Shirts, Marvel Figurines

Best Publisher: DC

Also nominated: Avatar, Image, Marvel

Best Main Character: Batman (Dick Grayson)

Also nominated: Batwoman, Green Lantern, Thor

Best Supporting Character: Robin (Damian Wayne)

Also nominated: Amadeus Cho, Black Widow, Phobos

Best Villain: Alice (Detective Comics)

Also nominated: Chief Red Crow, Loki, Norman Osborn

Disappointment Of The Year: $3.99 Price Point

Also nominated: Dark Reign, Late Books, Ultimatum

Best Website: Comic Book Resources

Also nominated: Bleeding Cool, Newsarama, The Beat

Most Looking Forward To In 2010: Bristol Comic Expo

Also nominated: Darwyn Cooke's 2nd Parker book, Iron Man 2, Less Dark Reign

Click here for the 2008 winners and here for the 2007 winners.


Rich Johnston said...

Honoured to be nominated, sirs!

Justin Giampaoli said...

Some really great choices in there, guys! I'm getting ready to start posting my best of the year list next week, and I see a bit of overlap.

Justin B. said...

How about calling them the Paradoscars or Paradoxars?

Hard to argue with a lot of those choices, although Unwritten would have gotten the nod from me for best new series. Interesting to see the switch from Marvel-centric last year to DC-dominated this year. Is that discrepancy reflected in store sales figures as well or is DC riding a few strong titles while Marvel has the overall stronger line, as the estimated monthly Top 300 sales figures seem to reflect?

Also, just curious, do you guys sell manga in the store? That would make for an interesting new category next year, although Pluto would have run away with that category this year.

Matt Clark said...

I can't personally comment on instore sales figures, but there has been a shift of allegiance towards DC this year. No one's abandoned Marvel, but I think Dark Reign just got stale fast in a lot of people's eyes.

Again, I can't comment on Manga sales (Andy??) but it's never really a format that the guys who write here (myself included) have gone for. We're too old-fashioned I guess!