16 Feb 2010

Incoming… 17/02/2010

New comics are released tomorrow (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Well what a difference a couple of weeks can make! While last week my pull-list could be described as ‘plump’ my floorboards will be creaking under the weight of a hefty 15 titles to rub across my eyeballs this Thursday (You lucky North Americans and your close proximity!)

Let’s start off with the big question of the week for me which is ‘How good will Joe The Barbarian #2 from Vertigo be?’ The first issue was certainly interesting with plenty of mystery to it, great art from Sean Murphy and I’m predicting that this second installment could be really quite special if Grant Morrison is having one of his spellbinding periods.

I get an eagerly anticipated double-dose of Blackest Night action this week with Green Lantern #51 and Green Lantern Corps #45 coming out of the DC headquarters. While the Parallax reintroduction in the last issue of GL could be something of an unexpected misfire if Johns doesn’t weight it just right, the big draw has to be how Peter J Tomasi will set things up as the Green Corps members on Oa have to fight to get that beating red ring off of Guy Gardner’s hand!

The rest of my haul is pretty much made up of Marvel titles as tends to be the case as we reach the latter stages of the month. Out of the crowd I’d have to pick Deadpool #19 as the top choice for me despite not being involved in any major arc or event at the moment. Daniel Way and Paco Medina have put in a sterling effort to make this one of the funniest titles available today and with Way writing old Webhead into the plot there’s bound to be a pun-and-banter-fest on the cards.

Guardians of the Galaxy #23 sees the ramshackle protector-adventurers come up against Adam Warlock’s evil alter-ego Magus as he starts moving his pieces around the galactic chessboard and this is the book that Abnett and Lanning seem to be putting their hearts into lately. Chris Yost’s Psylocke mini-series comes to an end with #4 where we find out just why Wolverine has been toying with Betsy’s ex-boyfriend in a rather cruel way. It’s been an interesting little X-Men side story and Harvey Tolibao has delivered some impeccable art through the past few months.

Sticking with the mutant side of things I’ll of course be picking up Uncanny X-Men #521 to find out just what Magneto’s agenda is these days and the cover hints at the possibility of some neat character-driven work by Matt Fraction. On the subject of character driven stories, Brian Michael Bendis’ delve into what makes Jessica Drew tick has been captivating so far and Spider-Woman #6 promises to spice things up more when she meets the Skrulls responsible for her kidnapping during Secret Invasion!

My eyes are already starting to hurt in anticipation of the work they have ahead but by this point in my purchase I’ll be tearing through Amazing Spider-Man #621 where we get some more Black Cat and Mr Negative action; whistling through Captain America #603 as Bucky Cap and Falcon stay on the hunt for the mental Captain America from the '50s and lapping up Gabriel Hardman’s delicious pencil-work in Avengers vs Atlas #2.

While I could continue with the slew of Marvel titles I’ll instead drop a final note for a very promising new series from BOOM! Studios. Incorruptible #3 is set in Mark Waid’s Irredeemable universe where The Plutonian has taken his heroics to a despotic and lethal level that sees the entire planet fearing his every move. Former arch villain Max Damage has seen the world turn on its head and he’s decided that he might be the hero the world is now looking for. Waid is crafting an interesting world of fear and tension and Incorruptible has come across as a gritty events-on-the-ground title. It might be worth picking up for a nose through when you’re in your local comic store this week.

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Danny said...

Gonna pick more comics this week than the last one, which is great. Im really looking forward Both Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps.