9 Mar 2010

Incoming… 10/03/2010

New comics are released tomorrow (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Well this is a turn up for the (comic) books and no mistake! For once the DC and Vertigo titles greatly outnumber the Marvel titles that I’ll be picking up. Could a change of dominance be in the air or is it just likely that Marvel are rubbing their hands together and laughing maniacally at the crate of titles I’ll be picking up from them in the following three weeks? I think the latter could be a real possibility… damn these glorious five-Wednesday months!

So what do Marvel have coming my way then? First up will be Criminal: The Sinners #5 which should guarantee an absolutely storming finish to Ed Brubaker’s thoroughly entertaining pulp-noir story. Tracy Lawless has been wading deeper and deeper into trouble as nefarious parties close-in on him from all angles and even those few individuals he regards as friends may not be able to help him out this time. The Criminal series from Brubaker and Sean Phillips seem to go from strength to strength and I’m assuming that the comic-reading throngs will be baying for more once this is wrapped up.

Of course where would my week be without some web-swinging action and Amazing Spider-Man #624 naturally creeps into my pull-list pile once more as the 'Gauntlet' plot continues to roll on and gather pace. Paul Azaceta produced some great art last issue as the new Vulture set his sights on J. Jonah Jameson and I’m eagerly anticipating the events that Mark Waid unfolds this week as Peter Parker’s life gets continuously difficult in and out of his super-duds. Certainly the cliffhanger from last week and this latest issue's cover suggests things going from bad to 'oh crap' pretty quickly.

From the other side of comic-town DC and Vertigo have some top delights coming my way (and maybe yours too?) with two Bat-titles from DC and some great creator owned titles from Vertigo. Batgirl #8 should be quite an important issue in this latest run as we’ve now had the… umm, let’s call it a ‘re-origin’ story, and the ‘proving her worth’ arc and it’s time for Stephanie Brown and Barbara Gordon to cut it as a bona fide crime-fighting team.

The dynamic duo who have already proved that they are Gotham’s great hope against the criminal waves return this week in Batman and Robin #10 with writer Grant Morrison seemingly bringing in a Batman vs Robin storyline to mix things up. It could be the point where things go completely bat-shit crazy and the strong beginning to this series starts to seem farther away, but I suspect that this could be the arc to solidify the partnership and also provide us with a little more knowledge about Damian’s past.

Vertigo have some of the strongest creator-owned titles in the market today (in my humble comic-devouring opinion of course) and two of them hit the stands this week. Mike Carey’s Unwritten #11 ships regular as clockwork and I’ve been impressed that we’re almost at the anniversary of release and both writer and artist have been churning out glorious issue after glorious issue bang on time. While the last instalment didn’t hit the heady heights of earlier issues it was still promising and #11 will no doubt give us a greater insight into Tommy’s growing powers and just how dangerous a position he currently finds himself in.

The book I’m looking forward to the most this week by far has to be Daytripper #4 by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. These Brazilian brothers have delivered three brilliant chapters to Bras de Oliva Domingos’ life so far and I seem to be eagerly waiting the 3-4 weeks between each instalment to find out what slice of his past (or future) we'll get to see next. We're still only in the early stages of the story but myself and a good few of the Paradox number are enjoying this immensely - is it too early to start predicting some nominations for the book of the year...?

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