16 Mar 2010

Incoming... 17/03/2010

New comics are released tomorrow (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Arrrggghhhhhhh, here it comes! The beginning of a mental three weeks, filled with huge comic orders that descend upon me like a well drawn, inked and coloured swarm of craftily written locust, the 'bzzzzzing' set in a whizzy font...

*And deep breath Stew....*

Right, off to DC first where Grant Morrison throws Joe The Barbarian #3 into our eager laps and we'll no doubt continue on Joe's perilous journey through his own house and imagination, enjoying every single step of the way as we go! Sean Murphy and Dave Stewart have been giving us some truly wonderful artwork and I'm fully expecting my eyes to be spoiled again this week. More of the giant rat-warrior I say, MORE!

Of course when it comes to terrific artwork DC have the talent in spades and though it saddens me to hear that his, along with writer Peter J Tomasi's tenure on the title is due to end soon I'm very, VERY excited to be picking up Green Lantern Corps #46 this week because Patrick Gleason has truly rocked this Blackest Night arc. The man has dealt so well with the carnage that this conflict has wrought and handled the ring powers so damn well that I know he's going to knock it out of the park as the Corps head back to Earth.

Having seen early previews I might also stick my nose betwixt the pages of American Vampire #1 from Vertigo. The name Stephen King actually tends to put me off whenever I hear it mentioned with regards to comics but the 1920s setting and Albuquerque's art work has piqued my interest and I'm intrigued to see if writer Scott Snyder keeps things contemporary or goes for a real period feel with his script.

Over at the 'House that the Mouse bought' it seems that they've been working overtime to give my senses a deluge of comic goodness. Kookaburra K #3 signs off this week and while Humberto Ramos' art is still the wonder it remains today, it's been easy to see just how he's developed as an artist in the years since this space-spanning mini-series hit the shelves in France under the Soleil banner. 3 parts for such a 'big' story makes me think that this was maybe just a taster of bigger plans that Didier Crisse had but I'll wait for this final chapter before I weigh in with a verdict.

Also finishing it's rather fine run I'm sad to say is Spider-Woman #7. It seems that motion comics may not be the way forward as the artists have to put over three times the effort into them as they would do a normal printed run! Well that at least is the spiel given by Brian Michael Bendis who's claimed that Alex Maleev has had to do some 24 comics' worth of work to get it all done. Fine, whatever, just a shame to end a comic that was starting to shape up very nicely indeed. By the sounds of it Maleev had gotten tired doing the same character over and over and we're back to me feeling a little like I did about the pair of these creators with that Halo comic a while back.

In the growing basket of galactic and cosmos-spanning comics I've got Guardians of the Galaxy #24, Nova #35 and Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #5, each and every one written of course by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Nova's been flagging a little of late but I figure that's just a planned lull before Richard Rider is drawn into the upcoming Thanos Imperative while Guardians is probably at one of its highest points since the series began some two years ago. I've stayed the course with the Imperial Guard title and thankfully it's turned into an absolute hoot with the Starjammers and Imperial Guard battling ginormous beasties. The revealing of the dastardly Raptor, Talon coupled with the arrival of Gladiator last time out should provide some fireworks in the finale this Wednesday.

And so I'm just left with one huge 'dirty mutha' of a title to preview this week and that of course would be Siege #3. Things took a turn for the decidedly nasty last time out as Ares and the Sentry had a no-holds-barred throw down in Little Asgard and I'm guessing that Bendis has some aces still packed up his sleeve as we tread ever closer to the final act of the Dark Reign and head into the Heroic Age. My only slight trepidation comes from the increasing roster of characters that Bendis is throwing at the Siege and there are small signs that his habit of hive-minding everyone on the page so that they all sound the same may be making an unwanted comeback. I'll of course keep my final judgement stashed in my pocket until the Sunday Reviews take shape...


Anonymous said...

I'm irritated to hear that the Spider Woman title is being cancelled, as it's one of my current favourites. True to form I knew nothing about it being a 'motion comic'. Was this some separate download release that had the wobbly pictures like that Astonishing X-Men 1 that Marvel did online last year? Why should this affect the comic itself? If the workload in drawing a motion comic is 4 x a regular title, then just publish it as a paper comic book. Or were sales figures really bad too?

- Rob N

Danny said...

Can't wait for the Siege #3 and Green Lantern Corps #46. The art on both of these book is just spectacular! I'm also will be picking up Ultimate Spidey #8 as I could not get it last week. I really want to catch up with Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, because it look awesome and fun, and I heard great things about these books.