24 Mar 2010

Incoming... 24/03/2010

New comics are released tomorrow (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: For the love of heck, please make me stop gorging on truly awesome comics! Nah, I'm just kidding with you, I love it really!

So another huge week comes around again with my order coming to some dozen or so titles and I just have to thank Ganesh, Jesus and Chuck Norris for overtime! And speaking of holy things top of the pile sits the much anticipated Supergod #3 by comic maestro Warren Ellis. It's been a little while since issue #2 came out and I'm really hoping that the impetus hasn't been lost during the unfortunate delay. Ellis has hit upon some interesting ideas in this series so far and I hope he can keep the quality up for the full run.

My DC stack is on the skinny side but when that one title I happen to be picking up is Green Lantern #52 and it's obviously going to be a big Blackest Night tie-in issue then I think that one title is good enough. I'm very interested to see just how closely Geoff Johns ties the events that will occur in this book to issues #7 and #8 of the main event title and whether this will almost become a chapter in itself after Sinestro's apparent transformation to the wielder of the white light. I guess all will be revealed in a few dozen hours or so.

Image throw a couple of titles my way this week and it's a mixed and intriguing bunch. Haunt #6 sees the change in artistic duties come into force as new ongoing penciller, the mighty Greg Capullo, takes the reigns full-time having just been doing the layouts up until now. This issue should also serve as a reasonable jumping on point for any potential new readers of the series as the events of the very first issue are revisited from the mysterious espionage expert Mirage's perspective.

Storming out of the blocks comes Nick Spencer and Adam Geen's Shuddertown #1, a comic of supernatural focus where a homicide detective begins to see case after case roll in where all evidence suggests that the dead themselves are coming back to commit murder. Having read a recent interview with writer Nick Spencer it seems that he's playing his cards close to his chest and this will certainly be a crime story tinged with otherworldly mystery. And speaking of 'otherworldly' I get my second dose of pure fantasy craziness in Orc Stain #2 where One-Eye has to avoid the chopping block when he arrives at an Orc Stronghold run by a local boss called 'The Norman'.

And now onto mighty Marvel...

The consistently superb tales of new and desperate recruits from all walks of superhero and villain life at first Camp Hammond and then Camp H.A.M.M.E.R draw to a close this week as Avengers: The Initiative #34 hits shelves and fans start to ponder whether the new Avengers Academy will be quite as good. Dan Slott started it all off nearly 3 years ago and Christos N.Gage has really made this title his own since coming on board. I'm actually quite excited to find out what will happen to super C-listers Taskmaster, Constrictor and Diamondback and am secretly hoping that all of them make it through Siege unscathed.

Sticking with Siege tie-ins I'll also be picking up Thunderbolts #142 but have to say that the new line-up can't get here quick enough as things have been plodding in mediocrity with this title for quite some time. The scenario they now find themselves in doesn't particularly fill me with excitement not least because the Mighty Avengers are possibly my least favourite team in the Marvel canon at present.

Briefly skimming though the rest of my list I'll be picking up Amazing Spider-Man #626 for some more 'Gauntlet' action as Peter Parker's life will no doubt go from grim to destitute in the space of 20 pages, picking up Captain America #604 to see if Luke Ross can sort out the artistic instabilities that popped up once or twice in the previous issue, as well as handing over cold, hard cash for Secret Warriors #14 where Nick Fury will no doubt make some cold, hard decisions! There's also a small bout of comedy, gun-for-hire hi-jinx to be had in Deadpool #21 where the monkey faeces may literally fly as Deadpool and Spider-Man try to stop the deadliest monkey alive from putting the sights on more human targets.

Oh yeah, and there's a little book out this week by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven which might be worth picking up, but I'm not sure I really have time to talk abo... YEAH RIGHT! Nemesis #1 ladies and gentlemen, fresh and brand spanking new and in your comic shops this week. Millar's latest creator-owned project mixes things (and publishers??) up to ask a truly great comic book question; What if the Joker had all of Bruce Wayne's cunning and resources at his fingertips and the ordinary police officers of a city were the only ones who stood a chance of stopping him? It's an interesting premise but in a year where BOOM! Studios and Mark Waid have given us Irredeemable and Incorruptible it's going to have to bring an extra special element to the table to set itself apart from the other titles which are throwing these kind of interesting ideas in the air on a regular basis.

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