14 Apr 2010

Incoming... 14/04/2010

New comics are released today (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!) Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Well I'll start this week by saying 'Sorry' to you dedicated readers for the delay in getting this week's edition of Incoming... up. I know some of you may have feared that I was trapped beneath the weight of a stack of previous weeks' comics but I only offer slight illness (mild man-flu counts!) and a brief trip to the UK capital as my excuse. Let it be said that my thirst for new comics was never weakened during the delay!

It does seem that the comic gods have visited a small amount of punishment upon me though for my tardiness by what I would refer to as a rather muted week on my pull-list for Marvel. For the many titles that I buy on a recurring basis with Marvel's mighty logo emblazended upon them, I actually have zero, that's right ZERO turning up this week from my regular picks. I am picking up New Mutants #12 this week though as I have begrudgingly decided to invest my time - and a fair amount of money it must be said - to follow the Second Coming X-event. The first two chapters have been promising so far and I've been getting a similar 'dark times' feel like I got when reading Messiah Complex back in the day. My only concern is the number of writers involved. Zeb Wells becomes the third to add his two cents to this continuing story so I reserve judgement until Sunday as he is a decent writer in his own right.

With the House of Ideas offering me little this week - I just don't fancy the Black Widow series or another Iron Man title on top of Fraction's definitive Invincible - thankfully DC, Vertigo and Image step up to the plate to show me their wares. And WOO MAMA are there some wares on show from these guys this week! The biggest and baddest title will surely be Brightest Day #0, a whopping 56 page introduction to the new direction for things DC Universe and Green Lantern-related. Being a #0 I expect this to probably be an advertisement for all things Brightest Day and maybe a little less important to the overall stories to come, but when they're packing in this many pages AND Geoff Johns and Peter J Tomasi are sharing the writing duties I wait, willing to be proven wrong.

Batgirl #9 is also out this week and the blurb from DC for this instalment suggests that we'll have a story squarely focused on Batgirl and Oracle's crime-fighting efforts without too much help or interference from any other caped crusaders which should be refreshing and give Bryan Q. Miller a chance to show us where he wants to take Stephanie Brown as a title character. This is the start of a four-part arc which apparently ends 'Batgirl Rising' so I'm anticipating that there still might be a twist in the tail before Miss Brown's graduation as a superheroine is set in stone.

Over at Vertigo they've got two of their exceptional heavy-hitters coming to the shelves today (in the States and Canada) or tomorrow (old Blighty) with Daytripper #5 and The Unwritten #12 offering themselves up for a good old eye bashing. I get the feeling that this might be the point where things take a small twist in Daytripper as we get a glimpse into Bras' childhood as he visits his grandparents and begins to see things in a new way. It may well keep the same theme running through or we could have a little break from the pattern of definite endings! Ahhh the joy of unpredictability.

Mike Carey throws us another small interlude in the main Unwritten storyline to give us a stand-alone story about cute, cuddly little critters called Dogling, Nedward and Tig the Hedgehog. Awwww, bless! Of course, this being Mike Carey he also throws in a psychotic assassin for good measure so I think we can expect a somewhat surreal and possibly gruesome little read and it wouldn't surprise me that even this seemingly unassociated issue didn't have some influence on Tom Taylor's future adventures.

The only comic left to mention is Chew #10 which wraps up the highly entertaining International Flavour arc. Thanks to John Layman and Rob Guillory, Tony Chu has been really growing and developing as a character over the course of this 5 issue run and he's a world away from the shy, retiring detective who we were introduced to in the debut issue last year. The promise of a 'Cannibal vs Bloodsucker' face off this time out should show us just how much of a fight he can put up against a more powerful foe. And of course for those of us who read issue #9 there's the possibility of finding out what THAT cliffhanger was all about!! HAHAHA, I'd completely forgotten about that incredibly surprising/disturbing twist!!

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Joe T said...

Expensive week for me this week, getting brightest day 0, batman 698, flash 1(complete with ring!),daredevil 506, black widow 1 & deadpool corps 1.