21 Apr 2010

Incoming... 21/04/2010

New comics are released today (in the States at least; we have to wait until some huge rock on an island north of the UK stops its belching!) Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're (unfortunatley not *whimper*) picking up this week.

Stewart R: Well that's it. Mighty Eyjafjallajokull has spoken! The UK *sniff* will receive *sob* no comic goodies from the US this week!!! Waah! Egads, I feel like I could explode at any minute but am afraid that any cloud of disappointment that I might produce could delay Diamond's delivery further! I can't even tell if these are tears of frustration or simply irritation caused by glass and sand in the air. If that's not bad enough that big old lump of rock has also seen the Iron Man 2 World Premiere move from London to Los Angeles to ensure that the stars could get there! Surely they could all climb into the various 'Mark' armours and jet-boot over to Blighty for the red carpet event?

Of course, despite my mocking of the situation I am nothing if not professional so I will still give you the best gosh darn Incoming... that I can so that our American and Canadian friends can have a little look at what they might be picking up in a couple of hours time - and what I may finally get in my hands in a couple of weeks' time! Biggest title of the week for me would be Joe vs The Volc... hang on, nope, Joe The Barbarian #4, that's it! Grant Morrison's tale has been a gripping fantasy read to date and the art from Sean Murphy has been some of the most impressive that I've seen in 2010. I'm predicting the tension to dramatically increase like a growing cloud of fine silicate dust this week as Joe's condition begins to decline and his journey becomes more dangerous.

I'll also be taking a long, hard look at American Vampire #2 when it rolls into stores like a flow of hot magma as I wasn't fully convinced by the debut issue and I want to give it the benefit of a couple of issues before passing judgement. I enjoyed the first issue's split story format enough and it's going to be interesting to see just where Snyder and King choose to take Pearl and Skinner Sweet now that their paths seem to be entwined. Rafael Albuquerque's art was certainly decent enough in the first issue to make the second visit a guaranteed pleasure for the eyes.

Now that the Brightest Day is here we should start seeing what Geoff Johns has in store for Hal Jordan and the other Lanterns of various Corps who were brought together in their darkest hour to form an uneasy team. Green Lantern #53 looks set to deal with the aftermath of the conflict and the next phase of this temporary alliance. I'm anticipating that the bickering and posturing for power will begin anew as everyone tries to investigate and understand the powers of the White Light. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing if and when Johns decides to expand on Atrocitus's personality and background as he stood out as one of the successes of the Blackest Night storyline.

Ahhh bumlets! OK, now I'm really gutted as I've just realised that the next installment of "Something Can Stop The Juggernaut" is out tomorrow in Amazing Spider-Man #628. The occasional increase in price to $3.99 has meant some decent, value for money reads in ASM over the past year or so and with Mark Waid contributing this time I'm looking forward to this Spidey-read even more. I just want Lee Weeks' terrific art to wash over me like a scalding pyroclastic flow as he truly impressed me with his style in the previous issue and I'm eagerly awaiting the point where old Jugg-head gets to make a fighting comeback. I'll just have to pray like a Pompeii body-cast that those planes get a-flying for next week.

There's some SBU (Spaced-Based-Universe; the last time I'll explain that little term) fun to be had this week as well as we get Nova #36 and Guardians of the Galaxy #25 to ogle at. Nova seemed to go somewhat dormant over the course of the past few issues as he found himself sucked into The Fault but I'm hoping things'll become a little more 'active' as Abnett and Lanning send him, Darkhawk and Quasar back to Earth. Guardians meanwhile has been hitting a high point of late with the revelations about Magus' plans bringing plenty of emotion to the title and now with the double-deliciousness of Thanos' return AND Brad Walker back on pencils there's no way that I'll be missing this issue. I'm expecting things to really start to come together as we draw ever closer to the impending and tantilising (or should that be Titan-tilising?) Thanos Imperative.

On the subject of big events I will of course be grabbing a copy of X-Men: Legacy #235 as the Second Coming X-event rumbles on and threatens to shake the mutants' world. Greg Land gets pencilling duties for this chapter and while he seemed to have reigned in his female-asset focus recently, I've already seen one extreme and gratuitous cleavage shot of Rogue on a preview page so it may not be the high brow artistic read that it could have been. Nonetheless I look forward to seeing how Cannonball's team fair against the monstrous Cameron Hodge and how the rest of the X-Men try to pick up Cable and Hope's trail again. Oh and I must say that the Iron Man By Design Variant covers have all been very appealing so far but the one for this week's issue of X-Men: Legacy is one of the best on offer by a long shot! You could say that I simply... 'lava' it!


Matt T said...

Cracking use of the word 'bumlets' Stew. That's one Euro to your good self. Good article too, although it makes me hate that frickin' Volcano even more. Lava-spewing twat!

Danny said...

Lame volcano ruining my week))) Really want to catch up on Nova and Guardians.

Joe T said...

B*stard volcano..
Isn't Green Lantern 53 also suppose to come with a green lantern ring?