28 Apr 2010

Incoming... 28/04/2010

New comics are released today (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK, dust clouds and airspace permitting!) Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Hear that? Shhhhhhh. If you're very quiet... yep, there you go, that my friends is sound of my wallet gently weeping. With the mighty belly of Eyjafjallajökull apparently emptied of ash for now - well that's what I can only assume now that news agencies seem to have completely forgotten about it - I'm treated to a double-dose of comics this week! Some might say that I should have prepared for this financial outcome last week but disposable income, much like volcanic ash, will burn a hole in your pocket!

With no fewer than 25 paid-for titles covering the two weeks AND a tasty handful of Free Comic Book Day goodies to nose through as well I'm anticipating a tired and satisfied pair of eyeballs in need of a deserved rest come Sunday evening. Luckily the haul that I'm gearing up for should be abundant in quality and therefore ensure that any ocular-weariness is truly worth it.

The release of the week for me - amongst the many contenders in the running - has to be Duncan Rouleau's Great Unknown #3 which makes a very welcome return after almost reaching the year anniversary since issue #2 was gracing many a comic shop shelf. I'm really hoping that the nearly 12 month gap hasn't detracted from this great premise and that while Rouleau has been deeply involved with Man of Action studios newest TV project, Generator Rex, he's still found time to capture some more truly absorbing pages as Zac Field continues his rather lazy quest to uncover just who has been stealing his ideas and thoughts and how they've been doing it.

Also released following a hearty break is Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini's Last Days of American Crime #2 which I've really been looking forward to ever since the incredibly polished and highly entertaining debut issue came out. The prospect of Hollywood buzz increasing exponentially what with Sam Worthington (or as I've begun to call him 'The Incredible 3D Man') being involved in bringing this story to the big screen hopefully shouldn't affect the creators' vision for this gritty three part mini series. I'm certainly hoping that we don't have as much of a wait for the final instalment!

But the much anticipated and desired returns don't stop there folks, oh no! Punching out of the Oni Press corner comes the unstoppable force of Greg Rucka's Stumptown #3 which will no doubt have some of the Paradox faithful hopping about with no small amount of geekish glee this week. Dex Parios' stumbling attempts to play Private Eye have been captivating so far and Rucka's ability to string out the mysteries involved in her investigation has really hooked me in. This had been a comic I was just checking out because Rucka seemed to be impressing everyone on Detective Comics but it's set solidly into my pull-list now. Of course Rucka also continues work on his Question backup in Detective Comics #864 this week though the main story has shifted from the extremely successful focus of Kate Kane's Batwoman to fall back on Batman under the writing talent of David Hine. As good a writer as Hine is this could be the point where I have to make the tough decision and let Detective fall from my pull-list.

Another title with a make-or-break week in-store for it is Image's Shuddertown #2 by Nick Spencer and Adam Green. The first issue showed signs of promise as Homicide Detective Isaac Hernandez faced the bizarre and numbing possibility that victims of cases he'd investigated previously were returning from the grave to commit murder themselves. It is a great premise and Green's artwork really helped to set the sombre tone the first time around.

My stars and garters, it's all been a little down to earth with gritty realism and real humanity so far but never fear, there's plenty of spandex and alien life to be found out there in this week's comic delivery. And alien life forms is what it's all about in Green Lantern Corps #47 as the survivors of the Blackest Night try to rebuild their beloved Corps and establish where they want to take their brand of peace-keeping and intergalactic justice at the dawn of the Brightest Day. It's something of a sad farewell to Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason as I've loved every issue of this title that they have produced and I just hope that they'll collaborate on another series over an extended period at some point in the not too distant future.

I haven't mentioned anything from the mighty offices of Marvel yet and they have a great many titles hitting the stands tomorrow. Matt Fraction gets opportunity to show us just where his actual 'reboot' of Tony Stark may take the armour-clad genius as he comes to terms with the events of the past few years having no memory of how and why they occurred and the part that he played. Invincible Iron Man #25 is a double sized issue, a nice little treat when being released alongside John Favreau's cinematic sequel, and a double sized helping of Salvado Larroca's artwork is worth the extra dollar for sure.

There's also a double helping of Nick Fury and his 'caterpillar' team of powered trainees as we get Secret Warriors #15 and also Siege: Secret Warriors #1 shoved playfully in our faces. I've tried to ignore as many of the Siege tie-ins as I can but I feel the return of Nick Fury from his underground operations and the implications of his reappearance hasn't really been focused on enough in the Siege main-title so I'm intrigued to see just what Jonathan Hickman might possibly reveal in this one shot.

Briefly skimming through the slew of other titles there's of course Amazing Spider-Man #629 which wraps up the latest Juggernaut-involved antics; X-Force #26 which carries on the engrossing Second Coming X-event and also Captain America #605 which has to try very hard this week to prevent me from axing what had been an undroppable title just a year ago from my pull list. Mind you, I'll of course have to find some way of carefully putting down this mountain of quality comics first before being able to pick up and swing that axe...


Anonymous said...

As a matter of interest, do any of you Greg Rucka fans read Queen & Country? And if not, why not? ;) I see a lot of positive mentions of Rucka's work here, but I don't think Q&C ever got noticed.

- Rob N

Stewart R said...

I may have to check it out with a brief nose through at somepoint Rob but the weighty brown paper bag I picked up this week suggests to me that I should probably cut out some of the waste before I start picking up any new titles.

No Last Days of American Crime this week so I'll have to wait for my fix of crime-caper action. Of course by the time it comes out I'll have only just finished reading the pile from this week!