26 May 2010

Incoming... 26/05/2010

New comics are released tomorrow (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Phew!! Barely have I recovered from the comic-filled festivities of a weekend on the town with the Paradox Comics Group as we rocked the Bristol Comic Expo, when another week's worth of published goodies come creeping up on the horizon. There was a point on Monday morning when I had to reach for a regular, picture-less novel, such was my state of comic-fatigue, but I have to say now that I'm rather excited by the prospect of picking up my order on Thursday.

Amazing Spider-Man #632 will definitely be the first thing that gets my attention after I walk out of the doors of Paradox having parted with my hard-earned (pfffft!) cash. Zeb Wells and Chris Bachalo have produced two fantastic chapters of the gripping 'Shed' storyline so far and I really don't see them letting the quality dip at any point during this arc. After the shocking and highly emotional ending of #631 I'd expect things to remain particularly dark and twisted on this title.

Speaking of things dark and twisted I suppose my next port of call will have to be Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's Thanos Imperative: Ignition #1 and characters don't come much darker and more twisted than the malevolent Titan himself. The SBU (stick a search in at the top of this page if you've forgotten...) cast of characters and Brad Walker's tremendous pencils should make this an unmissable start to what is sure to be one of the more involving events of Summer 2010. I personally am hoping for plenty of Rocket Raccoon and Groot action.

Of course DC do their cosmic titles well and this week sees a new dawn for the wielders of the Emerald Light as writer Tony Bedard and artist Ardian Syaf take the reigns of Green Lantern Corps #48. Tomasi and Gleason's run through the Blackest Night was a thoroughly enjoyable read and the series has been left at a tantalising juncture for the new creative team to come onboard. It seems that the various divisions in the Corps are going to be explored in greater detail over the coming months and I'm interested to see how the mix of political wrestling and powered-ring battles come together and whether this will remain an unmoving pillar in my Parthenon-like pull-list.

On the sister title the creative 'commanding officers' remain the same for the time being as Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke bring us Green Lantern #54. While the GLC title deals with the issues on Oa, Green Lantern is focusing on Hal Jordan's exploits on Earth and the continued involvement of the various other Lantern Corps is making the DC world a more interesting place for me as a reader. Characters like Larfleeze and Atrocitus are certainly fun and intriguing in their own right, but by putting them in the unfamiliar surrounds of Planet Earth I think Johns is going to give us some inventive and absorbing storylines.

While Brian Michael Bendis seems to have his fingers deeply embedded in all things Avengers at the moment he has left Secret Avengers #1 in the incredibly capable hands of Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato and this title ticks my curiosity box this week simply because the roster is so darn interesting. Steve Rogers, Beast, the Irredeemable Ant-Man and War Machine make perfect sense to me considering their similar stances and positions as former Avengers, but I'm certainly curious to see how Brubaker is going to fold the unstable Moon Knight and incredibly busy Nova (hello... Thanos Imperative anyone?) into the line-up. Deodato delivered some impeccable art in the Dark Avengers finale so I've now forgiven some of his muddier efforts in recent times and if writer and artist manage to get the balance of this right we could have a real winner on our hands.

One writer who seems to have that title already bestowed upon their book after only one instalment is Grant Morrison but Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2 will prove whether the rolling artist line-up is a successful idea or whether it rips the enjoyment and continuity out of the series. Frazer Irving's style is quite different to that of last issue's artist, Chris Sprouse, but with a shift in time to the puritan/witch-hunter era the art-style shift might well compliment the time-jumping plot. My one slight beef might come if we end up with Bruce having a scrap in every single issue because I find it hard to believe that he couldn't go for one or two time shifts without having to cave some evil-doer's skull in.

A quick round-up of the other worthy titles this week sees us move ever closer to the end of Jonathan Hickman's brilliant Secret Warriors series with issue #16 hitting shelves. The Thunderbolts seem to be able to survive any huge roster change and Jeff Parker will show us just what he has in store for Luke Cage and his gang of nefarious and formerly-villainous 'heroes' in Thunderbolts #144. Detective Comics is just about hanging on to my pull-list by its fingernails at the moment - issue #865 being released this week - but I get the feeling that once The Question backup arc has ended that might be it for me and DC's prime title. The same might be said of the X-Men black ops team in a few months but seeing as how X-Force #27 is still part of the epic 'Second Coming' storyline it keeps its place on my roster... for now! Finally, I'll be flicking through Incorruptible #6 as BOOM! Studios hopefully deliver another great instalment of what has become a terrific companion to the Irredeemable book.

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The ASM was definitely the highlight of the week.


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