8 Jun 2010

Incoming... 09/06/2010

New comics are released tomorrow (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Jehoshaphat Trigger! After last week's relatively tame (in quantity, not quality) I'm now bowled over by an unexpectedly large week for my pull-list. The only debut issue from a haul of 11 comics is Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War #1 written by Duane Swierczynski and delivered to the page by Jason Pearson. Swierczynski has done some decent work with Deadpool before in #900 and I really enjoy Jason Pearson's bold style which makes this series a pretty good prospect on paper. Giving some insight into Wade Wilson's past is also a draw for me as I actually know little about where the Merc With A Mouth originated from outside of the Weapon X project.

I know a good couple of Paradox frequenters who'll be drooling in sweet anticipation of picking up S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 this week, so impressed were they with Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver's first effort. I myself will be looking for this title to kick things up a notch and offer a few explanations here and there for those of us a little less savvy with how this secretive organisation was formed and run in its infancy. I'm also keen to see how Hickman may tie this in with his Secret Warriors work and hope that it doesn't detract from the brilliant S.H.I.E.L.D - HYDRA scenario he's been building there.

This week also sees Mark Millar's Nemesis #2 hit shelves around the world and after last issue's over the top ending involving a jet airliner, a rather large firearm and a kidnapped president I wait with baited breath to see if Millar keeps things grounded in a vague sense of reality or goes completely nuts and drops ludicrous events and scenarios left, right and centre. That's the thing with Millar, you can never quite tell what he's going to bring to the table each time.

A little more consistent would be Matt Fraction's writing on the superb Invincible Iron Man and issue #27 should be no different. We're close to mid-arc territory so I'd expect a possible meeting of Tony Stark and the Hammer Girls to be on the cards and Spymaster to become a big thorn in the Extremis-enhanced side of ol' Shellhead. I look forward to opening this title every month just to see what magic Mr Larroca has managed to weave and we must be close to some reveals about what the latest incarnation of the Iron Man armour can do surely?

Marvel are also slinging Uncanny X-Men #525 and Captain America #606 my way this week and while the 'Second Coming' storyline has me firmly sucked into the world of Marvel's mutants at the moment I have to say that Brubaker's Cap work of late has left me a little ambivalent about the character and actually considering dropping what was a 'must have' title some 10-12 issues ago. I suspect a lot of that has to do with Brubaker being constrained with the return of Steve Rogers through the Captain America Reborn event and then steering clear of anything related to Siege. The Baron Zemo inclusion in this new arc has raised my interest though so I'll stick with it for now.

After an incredibly fun first arc Cowboy Ninja Viking #6 marks the true ongoing status of this book and we'll finally get to see just where AJ Lieberman wants to take this crazy group of characters next. With the gang of Triplet Personality Assassins being a highly unstable bunch and prone to rubbing each other up the wrong way I expect any mission that they find themselves on to go south in dramatic and hilarious fashion. Likewise, it seems that Tony Chu's police and detective work is always a million miles away from simple and straightforward and I'm eager to see what Layman and Guillory can produce in Chew #11 as we start another arc involving frozen mammoths and an exclusive group of dangerous diners.

And if all this comic gold wasn't enough DC and Vertigo have a trio of delicious offerings heading my way as well! Batgirl #11 follows on from last issue's action packed and downbeat ending as Stephanie found herself up against a handful of mind-controlled combatants and poor Barbara was being carted off to goodness knows where by The Calculator's drones.

Vertigo seem to be scheduling the next two titles I'll mention in tandem as I think this might be the third month in a row that they've been released at the same time. Daytripper #7 edges us closer to the end of this terrific comic series and I've honestly stopped guessing what the twist could or could not turn out to be at the end as each chapter is just so damn enjoyable on its own. Finally we have Mike Carey and Peter Gross coming together once again as Tommy Taylor's life is sure to become even more dangerous as his enemies appear to be closing in from all angles as the unveiling of his father's latest novel approaches in The Unwritten #14.

Phew, I'm pretty sure this is going to be an exceptional week for comics and may even distract me from the start of the World Cup. So what are you guys looking forward to in particular this Wednesday/Thursday?


Matt Clark said...

Think you missed out the big release of the week there, Stew: Batman #700. I've not been as enthused as some of my colleagues regarding Morrison's take on the Dark Knight but this issue is still impossible to resist.

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Joe T said...

Agree with Matt C, I was suprised to see no love for Batman 700 also. Ordered that alongside Captain America 606 & Invincible Iron Man 27. Had to make some tough decisions this week as I also wanted Shield issue 2, but couldnt afford it :(