4 Aug 2010

Incoming... 04/08/2010

New comics are released today (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: What a week! Not only have I suffered from computer issues on my home PC but also my work desktop has been ‘buggering me about’ to put it playfully! I was slowly sliding towards a point where I was not going to be able to get Incoming... up together in time; there have been moments when just the thought of installing yet another driver or running another update have put me in prime mood to close my eyes and whisper ‘no more computers’. Despite these technological pitfalls however there was no way I was going to let the readers of the Paradox Comics Group blog down!!

So what have we got hitting the shelves this Wednesday and Thursday at various retailers around this fair globe? Well first of all I think I should start with Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth #12 which apparently acts as a neat jumping-on point for any of the uninitiated readers out there who may not have brushed their eyes through this truly terrific comic yet. Honestly, this has been one of Vertigo’s best titles over the past year and the Eisner Nomination for best new series was definitely well earned. I’d imagine that it gave the panel a difficult decision indeed with eventual winner Chew.

#12 sits as a standalone issue which promises a closer look at Gus’ current period of captivity with other children like himself while Dr Singh recalls the events that took place through the devastating plague which may or may not have caused the appearance of the animal-like kids. Seriously guys, if Lemire is slowing down the wagon to let you guys climb on I HIGHLY recommend that you give it a try.

Speaking of slow wagons I should probably mention that Warren Ellis’ Supergod #4 comes out after a couple of months have passed since the last instalment first graced our eager hands. I have been enjoying this miniseries about various nations around the world attempting to create their very own omnipotent beings for their own means and protection. Of course the whole experiment has been going against any and all human plans as it should. It’s certainly a high concept comic and I’m definitely looking forward to reading about the events that unfold when some of these deities come together for the first time.

There appear to be a whole handful of comics coming out this week that have only recently had their debut issue. Hit Monkey #2 from Marvel continues the armed macaque’s journey to avenge his murdered kin and hone his furry skills in the process. Sticking with the ape-ish theme Gorilla Man #2 also makes an appearance as Ken Hale continues his mission for Atlas and in the process leads us readers through a journey into his past and Fraction, Ba and Moon deliver another slice of super-agent fun in Casanova #2. I have to say I really did enjoy each of these comics’ debut issues and will be crossing my fingers that these next efforts keep the standard high.

And on the subject of standards it has been something of a relief to finally see Ed Brubaker start to get things back on track in a title that once sat prominently towards the top of the Paradox Group’s Top Ten but had until recently begun to tumble rather speedily. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Captain America #608 is out and since Baron Zemo turned up to start exacting his revenge on poor Bucky it seems that we’ve finally got back the comic that we had held in very high regard indeed until the incredibly mediocre Reborn story raised it’s mildly ugly head.

Mildly ugly head hey? (Oh is this going to be a weak segue!) I know a certain villainous organisation based on seven mildly ugly heads and so too does Nick Fury! Yep, Fury’s Howling Commandos have taken on Hydra and Leviathan and apparently come out of the battle in terrible shape in Secret Warriors #18. I’m guessing that Jonathan Hickman is likely to reveal just how the disastrous assault unwound and left our heroes in such a desperate situation but with a book that has thrived on mysteries and twists I sit back and wait to be surprised once more.

Right, that about wraps things up really... oh yeah, sorry guys just one more thing. Don’t forget that Galileo, astronomer, physicist and mathematician extraordinaire takes on Galactus in S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 this week as well. Which, you know, could just have a slim touch of AWESOME about it. Happy reading!

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