11 Aug 2010

Incoming... 11/08/2010

New comics are released Wednesday (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Well let’s dive into the bold and the new this week with Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1 from artist Fernando Pasarin and accomplished Green Lantern Corps writer Peter J. Tomasi. At the very beginning of the Brightest Day it was clear that Ganthet and Guy Gardner were treading a dangerous path by dealing with Red Lantern leader Atrocitus while the rest of the GLC began to rebuild Oa and Hal Jordan was busy on Earth trying to lift a rather unmovable White Lantern. This title will delve deeper into just what Ganthet and Guy are trying to achieve, what they are risking and just what may lay in store for their fellow Lanterns. Tomasi had a truly great run on the GLC title and I was very disappointed to see him and Patrick Gleason leave that title. I’m expecting gritty storylines galore as he takes the straight-talking Gardner, Kilowog and Arisia into the Unknown Sectors.

Marvel have a few writers on their books who deal with the grittier elements and Kyle and Yost have proven that they sit happily on top of that particular pile. X-Force: Sex and Violence #2 should hopefully prove the point after a thoroughly enjoyable first issue to this miniseries. The idea of Domino and Logan getting into a blood-fuelled tryst actually works with this particular X-Force roster and add a few of the world’s deadliest assassins on their tails and you’ve got yourself a surefire winning formula! Marvel are apparently warning that this issue lives up to the title so I advice those of weaker dispositions to... of for heaven’s sake just man up and read the darn thing!

One man who’s often managed to find that sex and violence can go hand in hand is Tony Stark and now it seems with Maria Hill and Pepper Potts acting so frostily towards him that maybe it’s not the best combination to keep everyone happy in the long term. Of course Matt Fraction has been a clever old bugger and wiped any memories that Tony had of those danger-induced escapades of the flesh which ensures that reads like the incoming Invincible Iron Man #29 remain tense and intelligent affairs. I’m still giving kudos to Fraction for being the one guy who has bided his time and is waiting for just the right moment to unleash the power stored in Iron Man’s latest armour. Well done sir! Have some kudos!

Daytripper #9 from Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon turns up this week and I’m getting quite excited to see just how these Brazilian comic creators intend to end this marvellous series about life, love, friendship, loss and death. Every single one of the eight issues so far has been truly captivating and the mystery over how they may choose to end their look into Bras Domingues’ life as it is/was/may have been is certainly managing to keep the excitement levels high. I have to admit that through all of my writing for this blog, Daytripper has been the first comic where I have never wanted to read the preview synopsis for each issue and would rather just let the magic of the surprise simply wash over me.

So I’ve already covered four promising comics but there are plenty more hitting shelves this week, all vying for your attention and the chance to be carried off home in your hands or bags. Superman #702 continues with the Man of Steel’s stroll across the continental United States, discovering things about himself and the areas he visits along the way. Straczynski delivered a triumphant first issue as Supes set out on his walkabout with a measured use of drama and comedy to really show what the Last Son of Krypton can do either as muscle or as a voice. I’m hoping that #702 carries this on in a similar style.

Briefly skimming through my pull-list I note that I’ll also be picking up Thanos Imperative #3 if for nothing else than to find out just what that final page of the second issue could mean for our universe’s ‘big eaters’. The vampire-heavy X-Men #2 will hopefully allow me to make a decision on whether to jump off now or invest a little heavier for a few months more and Batgirl #13 begins a new arc and allows Lee Garbett an issue’s break to refresh himself while Pere Perez picks up the pencil and tackles a Clayface guest appearance. What a week of promising comics!!

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