21 Sept 2010

Incoming... 22/09/2010

New comics are released Wednesday (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: You pray for a quiet week and then two come along in a row!! Crikey O'Reilly my wallet has never breathed easier (well, as far as it goes for buying comics) as I'll only be picking up five comics this week and to go all scientific on it 80% of them will be from Marvel.

So let me of course start with DC's effort first and splash you all in Green Lantern Corps #52 loveliness. This first arc under the careful steering of Tony Bedard and Adrian Syaf has been pretty enjoyable so far though still yet to hit the heady heights of the Tomasi and Gleason run. Bringing Superboy Prime into the equation and basing things on Green Lantern Stel's homeworld has givien the new creative team a chance to break free of what has happened in the recent past on Oa and I think it's been a good way to show just what they have to offer to this core Green Lantern title. There's still part of me that thinks that this may become slightly overshadowed by the quality evident in the recently released Emerald Warriors series but for the moment it remains and integral part of my DC section of the pull list.

Wedging itself firmly onto my comic menu has been Brubaker and Deodato's highly entertaining Secret Avengers title as the varied team with decent scripting, dialogue and off-worldly setting has really hit the mark. #5 could well give us intrigued readers a little more insight into just why Nick Fury is involved in this tale in that secret way that he is... no spoilers here guys!!! Deodato has really been on his top game from the very beginning which pleases me as I thought that his work was starting to look a little shabby on the Dark Avengers towards the end; to see an artist come back and surprise you is always a pleasurable experience. It seems that Nova may have been relegated to a part-time member as well which seems to be a good call as involving him as a regular player just doesn't make sense considering that he's the leader of the Nova Corps and probably has more important things to do than spank Hydra henchmens' arses!

Speaking of spanking (and here's where the segues get really tenuous) there's bound to be at least one red bum in Hit Monkey #3 by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajic as the manic macaque takes the fight to Bullseye in what should be an explosive finale full of flying fur and bullets. This has turned into one of those 'guilty pleasure' miniseries for me where I can just switch off and enjoy the madness and not even try to pick holes with what the creators are trying to do. The fact that Marvel have even given such a character a mini after a one-shot and a Deadpool guest appearance makes me think that they may not yet be finished with his deadly skills.

The same cannot be said with the deadly skills of Mark Millar and the Paradox Comics Group as recent discussions amongst various members has shown a tired ambivalence with some of his 'high concept' ideas. With another hefty delay since the last issue, Nemesis #3 has to once again pick us up and remind us why we should be throwing our money at this title. Steve McNiven's art hasn't been at his awesome best for a while now and I've hopes that things might turn around on that front this week.


Andy H said...

Here's a few more to throw into the mix: Kodiak a oneshot from Joe Hill must be worthy of a look. Fantastic Four #583 kicks off the Three storyline and then we have Matt Fraction on Thor which I know has grabbed a lot of folks attention. But the title causing all the buzz this week on the internet is Skullkickers #1. Such buzz in fact that a second print is already being offered and that's before it hit the store shelves!! That's the power of the internet for you!

Joe T said...

Fantastic Four,Secret Avengers & Thor are definates for me. May pick up Hulk as well. Hate to break it to you Stew, but David Aja is drawing Secret Avengers issue 5

Matt Clark said...

Since Aja is a fantastic artist in his own right I don't think we'll hear Stew complaining. Well, maybe just a little.

Looking forward to seeing what Fraction does with Thor and what Epting does for FF this week.

Stewart R said...

Aja's artwork was really good and suited the Nick Fury story very well. If he becomes the alternating artist with Deodato that'd be pretty sweet!