2 Nov 2010

Incoming... 03/11/2010

New comics are released Wednesday (in the States at least; we have to wait until Thursday in the UK!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Wow, it really is a bit like a ghost town out there in comic world for me this week. If the tumbleweeds had gotten too bad I would have thought about picking up a copy of Archie but thank goodness there are four titles out there that have presented themselves in timely fashion and so I don’t have to plumb to those depths for a comic fix. Har-de-har.

(Insert the mock tones of Tom Baker here please) Sooo, who doesn’t like to see Hitler in a comic??! Recent meetings of the Paradox Comics Group have noted that old Adolph and his facist followers turn up with quite some regularity in comic media and Marvel in particular seem to have Nazis of various flavours appearing as villainous hordes on an almost monthly basis. Well it seems that Fred Van Lente is going to go all out this month and top everyone in this game of one-upmanU-boat... by whisking us and Taskmaster off to a South American village populated entirely with Hitlers!! Yes siree Bob, Taskmaster #3 sounds absolutely frackin’ nuts and I think I probably speak for many people when I say that the edge of the crazy and bizarre has seen this series turn into a bit of a hit. The cover alone can’t help but raise hopes of a belly-laugh or two and I’d really like to know what artist Jefte Palo thought when he first saw the script.

In all honesty the first two issues have been great and I know that a few people out there have jumped on based purely on the absurdity of this coming issue alone but I believe they’ve been impressed with what Van Lente and Palo have put together so far and maybe it’s time that you, the reader, gave it a chance as well!

The recommendation wagon has been in overdrive for the past 14 issues of Jeff Lemire’s post apocalyptic effort so I’ll refrain from gushing over it too much and simply inform you that Sweet Tooth #15 is out this week. The story is starting to gather a bit of pace once again following a well timed and measured lull which allowed Lemire to cast his vision wider and give us a more in depth view on this world left in ruin. We’re starting to see some real growth in Gus’s character and I’m looking forward to seeing whether he and Jeppard are likely to run into each other any time soon; I’ll bet some sparks will fly when they do!

And then there were two...

Brian Michael Bendis is a writer whose work I have a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand the man seems to have great difficulty in differentiating the various members of a superhero team from each other and books like Avengers just reek of hive mind speech bubbles. Then to flip things round and shake them about the man can truly excel himself with engrossing character pieces of the highest quality with the likes of Spiderwoman. I’d like to say that when he and Alex Maleev work together things usually turn out really well - see Spiderwoman once again for evidence in support of that statement - but then I’m dragged back to reality with flashbacks of the terrible pish that was the Halo: Uprising series. I’ll be in receipt of the third chapter of the duos’ latest collaboration this week and I really do have my fingers crossed that Scarlet #3 shows off both creators talents and comes good on the early promise that it has shown.

The idea of a fairly average girl whose life has been turned upside down by circumstance and then decides that the world needs to change as a result, be it willingly or with the beating of a hard painful stick, is a delicious concept and I really do want it to be as good as it sounds. I’m sure that when Sunday rolls around there might be a fair few of us reviewers with a thing or two to say about it.

And so here we are with my final comic of the week and it’s a title that I haven’t mentioned much in a while despite my belligerent support of it through good and bad in recent years and it seems a suitable juncture to start writing about it once more. Amazing Spider-Man #647 marks the end of an era as the Brand New Day draws to a final close and the Spidey ‘Brain Trust’ dissolves into the ether. Marvel are marking this moment with a triple sized issue which of course means a $4.99 price point, a good fistful of writing talent and a matching hand-sized dollop of artistic contribution from various corners. Now we have seen these big Spider-Man editions every now and then in the not-so-distant past and they’ve always been a mixed bag and rarely worth the extra couple of bucks slapped on the price. That said with Marc Guggenheim, Joe Kelly, Mark Waid and Max Fiumara all getting a chance to shine once more we should be in for a decent enough send off to a controversial period of Peter Parker’s life.


Josh "Dredd" West said...

Wait wait STOP! Only one Jeff Lemire you wanna be pushing this week and that's SUPERBOY #1 !!

Andy H said...

Yeah, Superboy definitely worth checking out. I'll also be checking out some Mark Waid goodness over on Captain America Man out of Time

Tom P said...

Last DV8 is my highlight!

Matt Clark said...

I'm down for three of Stew's picks (Sweet Tooth, Scarlet, Taskmaster) but it actually looks like a fairly hefty pile will be waiting for me. I WILL be getting Superboy #1 - he's not really a character I'm overly keen on, but with Lemire on scripting duties I have to take a look at the first issue at the very least.

As Tom's mentioned, the last issue of DV8 is a must, but it looks like we'll see the final issue of Supergod this week too (as with all Ellis Avatar books, I'll believe it when I actually have a copy in my hand!). Bullet In The Head and Irredeemable are also on the list, and I'm tempted by Captain America: Man Out Of Time (I enjoyed Waid's '90s run on the title) and maybe Warriors Three (I'm very fond of the characters but I'm not sure that's a good enough reason to invest in the miniseries).

There might even be a couple more - I'll need to go through the list again - but it's certainly not a quiet week from where I'm standing!

Andy H said...

Sorry Matt, no Supergod this week, next week, maybe? The omnibus edition of the JMS Thor is in this week. Very tempting indeed. Oh, and if your looking for the gift for the person who has everything the Haynes manual for the USS Enterprise will be in. Oh yes! No more calling the AA out when my starship breaks down.

Stewart R said...

I had originally thought too that Supergod was out this week and even now have a paragraph written about it until I realised that it was for an issue that I already own and have read. Comiclist.com have a variant cover of issue #4 listed which is where my confusion and I suspect possibly Matt's too, came from.

I also appreciate that many folks will be picking up Superboy this week but DC just don't seem to be luring me in with the new titles at the moment. I'll wait to see how high the kudos level gets on Sunday!

Connolly said...

"in particular seem to have Nazis of various flavours appearing as villainous hordes on an almost monthly basis."

This made me giggle, mostly because it reminded me of something... so I'm gonna guess you guys are aware of the new Avengers cartoon series? Well the episode in which they do Captain America's backstory has some... interesting censorship.



Dear Lord, don't let the children know there were nazi's!

In that vein I'm looking forward to Taskmaster most of all this month really, the last two issues have been stupid, funny and exciting.

Tom P said...

Ha, that's great! It highlights an intresting point from the new Cap Movie, Look at this Pic of the Red Skull! No Nazi logo.... It's the hydra one again! http://twitpic.com/31v78v If Hellboy can fight them in his movie why can't Cap? I must also point out how great Hugo Weaving looks! Still looking forward to that movie never the less.

Stewart R said...

Bumlets....forgot about farkin' Batman and bleedin' Robin #16 didn't I!!!!!!

Joe T said...

Batman & Robin 16 was the first thing I ordered this week. Also, the latest bumber sized Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine issue 3, and Superboy issue 1

Matt Clark said...

Has Batman & Robin #16 got Nazis in it?? I bet it hasn't!

Thankfully, thanks to Rich Johnson over at Bleeding Cool, I already know the 'shocking' climax of the book. Hasn't he heard of spoilers?! Poor show.