1 Dec 2010

Incoming... 02/12/2010

New comics are released Thursday this week due to the Thanksgiving weekend and we in the UK may hopefully be lucky enough to not have to wait an extra day! Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: So how’re you guys doing over there hey? You all stuffed and rolling around like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory after a calorific weekend of giving thanks? And how about you lot over here on the UK side? Need to slim down a little to get into those party clothes? Planning on losing a couple of pre-festive holiday pounds by turning those comic pages eagerly and furiously? I thought as much...

Well, to stretch and warm up perhaps, like me, you'll be picking yourself up a copy of Edge of Doom #2 from IDW? Now I was a little unsure about this title after the first issue and I believe in my review that I said there wasn’t enough to keep me interested for further issues but having looked at the slim-pickings out there for me this week I’m going to go back for a second helping. It now appears that each issue of EOD is a single self-contained story and this month’s offering takes a look at poor Morgan, a space pioneer who’s unfortunately been left behind on a barren rock mid-mission with only a three-foot tall weather robot for company. If the last story was anything to go by I’ve a feeling that Steve Niles and Kelley Jones will take that idea and really go nuts on it. It sounds bizarre, probably is bizarre, and I hope that I enjoy it in some bizarre way else I really will have to leave this title alone!

It actually seems that this is the week for endings with Supergod #5 from Warren Ellis and Garrie Gastonny finally wrapping up after what feels like a sizeable delay and I’m sure that the divine battles within will get the pulse racing. I’ve really enjoyed this look into a possible future where various nations attempts to create their own versions of gods end with predictably disastrous results of, well, biblical proportions! Even heading into this last instalment I’ve not a clue on how any climax is going to fall and whether any of the artificial deities (or mankind itself) will survive. The unpredictability of Warren Ellis’ work is what has kept me coming back for more these past few years since the Paradox Comic Group convinced me he was a writer to check out and Supergod has been another one for the ‘win’ column in my eyes.

Moving on to the proper big workout for the week and the comic that I’ll be ‘feeling the burn’ for is Taskmaster #4 and I’m guessing that a fair few of you might be feeling the same way too. What started off as a try-and-see title has quickly turned into one of the miniseries of the year and following last issue’s 'Town That Was Hitler' visit and damn decent cliffhanger I’m waiting on tenterhooks to find out how Fred Van Lente wraps this chapter of Tony Master’s somewhat tragic life up. The fact that the Secret Avengers are making an appearance would usually make me wince with a miniseries that has been able to keep fairly isolated from the bigger, more popular kids in the Marvel Universe, but Van Lente and Jefte Palo have not put a single step wrong so far and I doubt that they’re going to disappoint me this week. If anything the Secret Avengers' current roster should prove a perfect test for Taskmaster’s skills as there’s a broad range of powers and talents in that group currently.

While we’re on the subject of try-and-see comics and groups with a wide variety of powers and the like, I should probably make mention of the one other Marvel title I shall be picking up from Paradox this week. The creative combination of Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Brad Walker really has been one of the big comic wins for me these past couple of years as their collaborative efforts on Guardians of the Galaxy really did blow me away and now they’re all back together and bringing us Heroes For Hire #1. The Marvel spiel seems to spin this series off the back of Shadowland, an event that I had very little time for, but there are a few characters being mentioned that should keep my interest; Paladin, Moon Knight, Falcon for starters and I’m intrigued to see how Abnett and Lanning tackle some of the more established names in the Marvel canon. I do have a concern that such a broad cast could lead to this feeling more like a collection of one-shots but as usual only time will tell on that front.

*Phew* You guys ready to warm down now? OK, so stretch it out... hold it.... little longer... and relax. Now pick up your copy of Sweet Tooth #16 by Jeff Lemire and repeat. Yup, this terrific series rolls on this Thursday as Jeppard’s army finally arrives at the militia camp and all hell is likely to break loose. Lemire has shown that even with his work flow increasing what with writing duties on DC’s Superboy title he’s still been able to keep this comic riding on the wave of high quality that came with the debut all those many moons ago. There have been some really touching moments over the past few months as Gus’s friendship with the other animal children has strengthened during their plight and that groundwork will probably ensure that there are some tense reading sessions ahead.

You may want to watch out for this last title giving you a relaxing, post-workout back rub as American Vampire #9 is likely to be packing plenty of bite. Scott Snyder really set things in motion last month with Chief McCogan coming up against a surprising face from his past and Skinner Sweet’s comfortable and menacing position is looking a little less safe after Henry Preston’s gesture to the Vampire Hunters which could have long term repercussions for him and poor old Pearl Jones. This marks the end of the ‘Devil in the Sand’ arc and I’m sure that there are going to be plenty of shocks and tantalising mysteries to come as this is looking increasingly like a title which could run for some time.

You know what, you still look like you could do with losing another pound or two, fancy another comic workout same time next week?

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