8 Dec 2010

The Paradox "Oscars" 2010

Every 12 months the regular customers at Paradox get the opportunity to vote for their favourites of the year from a list of nominations chosen by the members of the Paradox Comic Group. Because nobody could think up a catchy name we went with Paradox "Oscars" instead!

We now present the winners for 2010:

Best Ongoing Title: Invincible Iron Man

Also nominated: Batman And Robin, Northlanders, The Unwritten

Best Mini Series: Joe The Barbarian

Also nominated: Daytripper, DV8: Gods & Monsters, Supergod

Best New Title: S.H.I.E.L.D.

Also nominated: Avengers Academy, Scarlet, Secret Avengers

Best Writer: Matt Fraction

Also nominated: Mike Carey, Grant Morrison, Jeff Parker

Best Artist: Chris Bachalo

Also nominated: Art Adams, Darwyn Cooke, Sean Murphy

Best Cover Artist: Frank Quitely

Also nominated: John Cassaday, Boo Cook, Alex Ross

Most Promising Talent: Rebekah Isaacs

Also nominated: Kody Chamberlain, Gabriel Hardman, Jonathan Ross

Best Novel: The Outfit

Also nominated: I Am Legion, Revolver, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour

Best Adaptation: The Walking Dead
Also nominated: Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Best Merchandise: Official Marvel T-Shirts

Also nominated: Cover Girls Of DC Statues, Marvel Figurines, Nick Fury SHIELD ID Badge

Best Publisher: DC

Also nominated: Dark Horse, Image, Marvel

Best Main Character: Tony Stark/Iron Man

Also nominated: Agent Tony Chu (Chew), Batman/Dick Grayson, Judge Dredd

Best Supporting Character: Robin (Damian Wayne)

Also nominated: Black Widow, Ghost (Thunderbolts), Larfleeze

Best Villain: Doctor Doom

Also nominated: Atrocitus, Joker, Thanos

Disappointment Of The Year: CLiNT

Also nominated: Avengers relaunch, Brightest Day, End Of Wildstorm

Best Website: Comic Book Resources

Also nominated: 13 Minutes, 2000AD Online, Bleeding Cool

Most Looking Forward To In 2010: Return Of $2.99 Price Point

Also nominated: Bristol Comic Expo, Captain America movie, Thor movie

Click the following links for previous year's winners: 2009, 2008 and 2007.


Rich Johnston said...

Thanks for the nomination!

Justin Giampaoli said...

WOW. Thank you guys so much for the nomination!

Also, some very respectable choices on the awards. The only one I'd argue with is Joe The Barbarian for best mini, since it hasn't wrapped yet, I'd certainly go with Daytripper or DV8!

Thanks again fellas!


Matt Clark said...

Joe The Barbarian should have been wrapped by now (the final issue keeps slipping back in the schedules) but I think the combination of Grant Morrison writing a self-contained tale not bogged down with pretentiousness, along with some hugely impressive art from Sean Murphy, made this a favourite even though it remains incomplete.

(Daytripper was my choice, by the way!)

Justin Giampaoli said...

The lack of pretention and needing to read 7 other books was a huge selling point, as was Murphy's art, can't fault you there.

I really like the difficult choice between Rebekah Issacs and Kody Chamberlain too! Must have been tough.

Anonymous said...

You going to carry it on for 2011?