5 Jan 2011

Incoming... 05/01/2011

New comics are released Wednesday following the start to the New Year (in the States at least; we have to wait until chuffing Friday in the UK! There will be parity soon, oh yes...!). Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Well, don’t I have quite the comic reading week ahead of me to kickstart 2011!? Not only do I have four Marvel titles carried over from last week’s US release - it seems that the delivery firm in the UK didn’t feel like putting down their eggnog and removing their reindeer antlered slippers to bring us our delivery last week - but also five brand spanking new offerings to flick through and enjoy! And quite the varied bunch they look like being as well!

Now if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you’ll probably be aware of my love for Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s handling of the greater Marvel Cosmos and I will admit that the end of The Thanos Imperative left a bittersweet taste in the mouth in the very best of ways. I had feared that we were witnessing Marvel calling time on their efforts on stories from the outer reaches of the galaxy but thankfully it seems that these guys still have plans afoot for more fun and tense space politics with Thanos Imperative: Devestation #1, a one-shot following up from the aforementioned series and preceding the forthcoming Annihilators series coming out in March. Devestation looks at the events immediately after the forces of the Cancerverse have been defeated and the period of relative peace that follows as the various empires and kingdoms return to their homes to reflect on the changed galaxy in which they all live. Miguel Sepulveda, who impressed me greatly with a sterling effort throughout the Imperative fun, returns here and I’m expecting a quality read from these proven comic creators.

Second on my list of things to read this week is a fairly new title and one I only learned about this past Monday when Paradox’s knowledgeable and hardworking owner Andy convinced me that the debut issue was worth picking up. Well the jovially titled Suicide Forest #2 from IDW is out this Wednesday - *sigh* Friday in the UK - and I really am looking forward to seeing where writer El Torres and artist Gabriel Hernandez take this story of supernatural happenings surrounding the sad and personal subject of suicide in Japan in this second chapter. The first issue demonstrated some deft touches of pacing, parallel storytelling and certainly showed that IDW is not just a publisher who likes to rest on their laurels with big licensed properties but can also offer up new ideas and premises to the comic buying public.

By this point the comic buying public should be keenly aware that this week they should be picking up and paying for Sweet Tooth #17. Jeff Lemire powers on with his post-apocalyptic tale of Gus and Jeppard as they find themselves trying to survive amidst the fresh conflict between the cult ‘Animal Army’ and Abbott’s militia. The cliffhanger dangled in front of us last month suggests interesting times ahead and I’ve a feeling that Lemire has more surprises tucked up his sleeves that could make things even more interesting as more information about Jeppard’s family is revealed.

Revelations are likely to be on the cards in Avengers: The Childrens Crusade #4 when that hits shelves this week! With good old bag of Latverian guffaws and giggles, Doctor Victor Von Doom playing host and fiance to a seemingly controlled/brainwashed Wanda Maximoff I’d imagine that Allan Heinberg probably won’t shy away from a decent amount of exposition to get us and the rather bemused Wiccan up to speed on how this most unlikely of couples came together. I still feel that this series is suffering from the two months between issues, even though it is sticking to schedule, and the further this goes on I suspect I may look to pick up any future efforts from Heinberg and Jim Cheung in collected form to get the most out of them.

“What can the fifth title possibly be?” I hear you ask. Well good friends, so impressed by Adam Beechen’s recent run on the Batman Beyond miniseries was I that I’m going to give the new ongoing title a chance and that of course starts with me picking up Batman Beyond #1! Ryan Benjamin is back on pencilling duties which is a relief as he captured that specific Neo-Gotham feel of the animated series and transferred it to the page with accomplished style during his last run. Beechen really brought his A-game to that title and really nailed the relationship between grizzled Bruce Wayne and young upstart Terry McGinnis with the mixture of respect and antagonism. The DC blurb suggests that the Justice League of the future will be involved in this first arc so it’ll be interesting to see just how Beechen deals with an expanded cast AND keeps this feeling like a Batman Beyond book.

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