9 Feb 2011

Incoming... 09/02/2011

New comics are released Wednesday in the States and guess what, in the UK too! Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: OK, just whose crazy idea was it to make this week’s delivery about as big as Galactus’ first dump of the day?? 13 titles, yes 13, sit on my poor groaning pull-list this Wednesday and there’s a fair mix of different books in there from several publishers. Oh....woe.....is me! Hahaha! Marvel of course make up the lion’s share but DC, Image, IDW and 12 Gauge comics all throw efforts into the pot meaning I’ve got a good few hours of reading ahead of me.

Quite probably the most anticipated book of the week is Batman and Robin #20 as it heralds the belated passing of this great title into the capable hands of Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason and I cannot wait to see what this talented pair have in store for the dynamic duo. The arc title of 'The Dark Knight vs The White Knight' has certainly piqued my interest and I’ve fingers crossed in the hope that Tomasi manages to get the best out of the Dick and Damian partnership. Certainly the preview art released this past week or so indicates a nice, clean yet dark style from Gleason and his inking and colouring associates and so I’m expecting good things here.

There’s only one other brand new title for me this week and that takes the form of Onslaught Unleashed #1 by Sean McKeever and Filipe Andrade. Now I will hold my hands up here and say I’m really not too keen on jumping into another fresh miniseries right now - just look at the size of my pull-list for evidence that maybe I should be ‘scaling back’ a little - and I have no real liking for another Onslaught story as I thought the character when he first turned up was another example of ‘a great idea poorly handled’ and kinda wish the lid had gone back on Pandora’s box on that one. Now, all that said, I made mention in my Captain America review the other week that I got a little misty of eye over McKeever and Andrade’s work on the Nomad back-up and it is that reading experience which has given me that drive to allow these guys a shot at convincing me that a comic with Onslaught can work. Certainly Rikki, aka Nomad, is an interesting character who really is starting to grow on me so it’d be good to get some more development and exposure for her.

While I’m going to be giving an opportunity to one brand new comic, another fresh-faced title has this week to convince me that it’s worth continuing with as 12 Gauge Comics’ Magus #2 hits the shelves. The first instalment was promising and certainly had an air of mystery about the modern world of magic that Jon Price and Rebekah Isaacs are crafting but there’s just something there that’s making me wonder whether I’ll be sticking with it through the entire run. I’ll be looking for Price to show a clear separation between the magical abilities that his characters are imbued with and mutant/superhero powers that the rest of the comic world tends to thrive upon. Certainly Wildstorm's North 40 was a prime example of a comic series that clearly set it’s supernatural and magical stall out early in the run last year and worked very well as a result. With any luck we’ll see Magus #2 doing the same.

While a couple of comics are trying to convince me of their worth, Abnett and Lanning have already ensured after just two issues that Heroes For Hire #3 doesn’t need to work so hard for my attention this month. OK, so I had doubts after the debut but a strong second chapter with some much needed Paladin involvement really grabbed my attention and I’m now more comfortable with Brad Walker’s Earth-based pencil offerings. The whole Misty Knight and Puppet Master mystery is definitely going to be the main draw from here on in but it’s also going to be interesting to see just who DnA bring in for future hired heroics as I’m guessing that they’ve got a fair amount of scope for ‘guest star’ appearances.

Right, well I sit here beginning to rub my eyes with tiredness while always running the risk of stumbling further into waffle territory I’d best wrap this up for another week by skimming through a handful of other books turning up. Certainly Haunt #13 is one that I’ll be eager to open up and absorb myself in as not only do we get the first proper look at The Apparition, a mysterious being who takes issue with Kurt’s unnatural state, but also a delicious $1.99 price tag as well! I’ll be expecting Hama to cut out the ‘hammy’ in GI JOE: A Real American Hero #163, Casanova Gula #2 to provide me with pages and pages of bonkers, psychedelic sci-fi action, and things to go from bad to worse for Guy Gardner in Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7! What a bloody great time it is to be a comics reader. Enjoy peeps!


Anonymous said...

Stewart i love it when you seem to get excited about just picking up 13 comics from your pull-list,me myself will be picking up 32 comics this week.
I also love the fact that the love you have for comics just seems to jump right off the screen.

Andy H said...

It's all about the quality not always the quantity. I salute you both for just loving comics!

Chris said...

I checked out the preview at CBResources, looks pretty exciting from what I've seen. There's something about Robin on the cover that has me chuckling away, probably because my first reaction was, It's a ripped Fat Sam from Bugsy.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the website? Anything past the home page has a 404 Page Not Found error.

Matt Clark said...

We don't get involved with the shop website but I'm sure it's being looked into.

Who's Mr Anonymous that's picking up 32 titles this week? 32!!That's amazing! When do you find the time?

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous is Ian Walker and i've been a customer of Andy's for nearly 17 years,yes i've put up with him that long [only joking Andy].
As for picking up 32 titles thats just a small amount of what i collect.
At the moment i'm collecting 77 ongoing titles and quite a few mini series and one shots,so on average i pick up over 100 titles a month and i even have my own comic room just ask Andy he's seen it,also i have a very understanding wife.
As for finding the time to read all these titles lets just say it's great to have comic room i can shut myself away in.
Maybe one day i'll get to meet all you guys,that is when Andy invites me to one of your gatherings.

Anonymous said...

77 titles...that's a lot of pennys, I'm drooling from the thought.

Stewart R said...

Blimey O'Reilly Ian, 77 ongoings?? 100 titles a month?? Yikes, I'll have to tot mine up at some point but doubt I'll even get near half of that! Do you get to read them all in the same month or do you tend to get two or three issues of a series and then read them in one sitting?

Anonymous said...

I normaly get to read them all in one month,but sometimes a few issues get carried over to the next month.
But like i said it helps having your own comic room to hide away in,even the poor old wife has to knock before i'll let her in [it's a geek thing].
And like i wrote before i'd really like to meet up with the group at some point just to gas about this fantastic hobby we have.


Anonymous said...

Still that many comics your bound to read ALOT of crap? do you keep them all?

Anonymous said...

Well i like to think that none of what i read is crap or i would'nt fork out the money for them,but each to there own,and yes i do keep them all.

Matt Clark said...

Different people posting as 'Anonymous' is confusing me!

Note: If you tick the 'Name/URL' box you can enter in a name (don't have to put in a URL!)

I'd love to lock myself in a little room and read comics but with two kids to contend with that's not an option!

Tom P said...

Amen Matt I lock myself in the toilet to read an issue sometimes... Praise the mighty throne.

ian said...

Blimey i'm glad i have my comic room to go to to read because the wife is always in the toilet having a fag.
Besides the toilet would'nt fit my desk,six book cases and 60 comic boxes.
Maybe i could hire out my room for you guys to read in.

Anonymous said...

I suspect I'm still in the lead, volume wise, with 68 comic boxes, and the equivalent of 11 book cases full of books (I say equivalent, because 4 book cases with deep shelves are double packed to hold the equivalent of 8), and that's without taking into account the 2,500 vinyl records and CDs...

In my case they're spread around the whole house.

- Rob N

ian said...

I did'nt know we were trying to out do each other with our volume of comics and stuff.
But each to is own.

Matt Clark said...

Firstly, where did Tom's toilet-based comment disappear to?

Secondly, Rob! As mentioned earlier, if you tick the 'Name/URL' box you can put in your name rather than signing in as Anonymous. Enough with the Anonymous already!