2 Mar 2011

Incoming... 02/03/2011

New comics are released Wednesday in the States and guess what, in the UK too! Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Well there’s delays, debauchery, madness and the plain bizarre to be found in this week’s comics delivery but surprisingly not a single trace of any related to Charlie Sheen, bless his little, 'WINNING', cotton-socks! Like a 46 year-old F-18 destroying us in the air and deploying illustrated ordinance all over the place, this week’s slice of my pull list is something to behold. So let’s kick things off once again for another Wednesday of smiles and wonder!

It’s been a long time coming but Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy’s dynamic and heart-wrenching tale of fantasy comes to an end this week as Joe The Barbarian #8 finally arrives in shops after what seems like an eternity - or mid-season hiatus on prime time television. This series was going great guns and gaining plaudits from every quarter but we’ve now reached a point where over 5 months have passed since the penultimate issue and I really can’t help feeling that it will have sucked a huge amount of enthusiasm from the dedicated readership. I have to say that I’ve no idea what has caused this delay but I will just say that it will be a stupid shame if it has anything to do with the news from last year that this story was going to be adapted for the big screen!

So, I’ve got one title drawing to a close this Wednesday but lo and behold, like the neck stumps of a decapitated hydra (not a quote courtesy of Herr Sheen just yet) two more have sprung up in its place. One’s a sure-fire hit in my book while the other one is being given a chance after the previews impressed. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning return us to the outer reaches of the cosmos today as Annihilators #1 kicks off a new four part series where a group of the galaxy’s heaviest hitting heroes set about trying to nip dangerous and dire threats in the bud before they have a chance to tear the Universe to pieces. Admittedly it seems that Marvel are looking at this very same prospect with Jonathan Hickman’s upcoming FF #1 as that series’ outline is pretty much a carbon copy of this, but when you drop a few billion miles between teams I guess there’s room for both! And let’s face it, people will be picking up Annihilators #1 more for the Rocket Racoon and Groot back up story than the main piece! Believe it, or not!

Carbon Grey #1 is the other new starter today and I only made the decision to pick this up after seeing a preview of the artwork the other evening. The story follows two twin sisters, Mathilde and Giselle, in an alternate diesel-punk, Imperial Europe reality where Giselle is accused of assassination and Mathilde must unravel the mystery surrounding the accusations before her sister is caught and killed for treason. There’s a definite manga influence to the art by Hoang Nguyen and Khari Evans, both of whom also contribute in the writing credits but I can also see similarities to the painted, Euro-stylings of Greg Tocchini and Gabriel Del’Otto and I think this may be worth a try.

So back to the world of our favourite ongoing series and Thunderbolts #154 looks like yet another promising prospect this week as the focus falls squarely on the shoulders of that big loveable, and very mysterious Man-Thing as Doctor Strange whisks him away from Luke Cage’s team to fulfill the job that he was originally given responsibility for: protecting the Nexus of Realities. I’m just sat waiting for Gaddafi or Sheen to claim that they perform that role in the coming days! Declan Shalvey steps back into the pencilling booth for this issue and I’m hoping to see that his style has developed since he was last involved in this title as he was a little inconsistent with the Shadowland tie-in.

After a brief hiatus - no, NOT you again Sheen, back in the box you go with your fire-breathing fists and three princesses. Not a bad premise for a comic actually... - due to the birth of artist Rob Guillory’s child (congratulations from the Paradox Comic Group sir!) we’re back in Tony Chu’s bonkers world of food-tasting, police work and strange alien signals in Chew #17. I have to say that I’ve missed the madcap antics of this comic in the past few months and am looking forward to seeing just what poultry-based carnage lies betwixt the pages this time. There’s certainly a somewhat risque description to the latest installment where a bullied teen goes all ‘food-Columbine’ on the students at his school but with Rob Layman in charge of this you know that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about and that there’ll be a healthy dose of tongues inserted in cheeks throughout. Which I guess brings us back to Sheen and those princesses and probably marks a good point to end things for another week while all these great comic titles are, yes you’ve guessed it, WINNING!

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