30 Mar 2011

Incoming... 30/03/2011

New comics are released Wednesday in the States and guess what, in the UK too! Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Those ‘big order’ weeks just keep rolling in at the moment and even with the absence of titles from Image and Dark Horse this side of the Atlantic pond - fear not American and Canadian chums, you’ll still be getting your fix from those publishers - my order is still on the hefty side once more. And guess what? It’s Ed Brubaker and Scott Snyder week ladies and gents!

Yep, both writers have a a handful of titles hitting the stands this Wednesday and I really do think it’s going to be difficult to pick between the two for a winner once all the reading has been done and the brains and eyes are being rested. Brubaker brings the curtain down on the latest Incognito series as Incognito: Bad Influences #5 has Zack Overkill coming face to face with a foe intent on leaving no-one alive during his pursuit of him. I’m currently of the opinion that this series hasn’t been quite up there with the first arc was, but a strong final installment should help to elevate this particular arc from good to great.

While he’s rounding off one story it seems that Mr Brubaker is leading us off on a new journey in Captain America #616 and he’s bringing a whole boat-load of friends along to help out as Marvel celebrates the Sentinel of Liberty’s 70th anniversary this month with a bumper issue.
A fair portion will focus on Bucky’s current predicament as he finds himself incarcerated in a Russian prison awaiting judgement for his actions as the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers must play detective to unravel the bizarre international conspiracy that has dragged his friend out of one particularly nasty situation into another. Then we’ll be whisked from pillar to post as a handful of top writers and artists bring us short tales of Steve Rogers’ escapades as Captain America where he fights to defend freedom and liberty from war torn 1940s Germany through to modern day America. Marvel have a habit of making these larger, anniversary specials into compelling and interesting reads and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they repeat the magic here. Art from the likes of Mike Deodato and Travis Charest certainly sweetens the deal!

But that’s not it for Brubaker’s Steve Rogers and Captain America story for this week as Secret Avengers #11 will be taking a look back into the past of the best and brightest Super Soldier. The next two issues are likely to look a little closer into the mysterious Shadow Council and just how the likes of John Steele ended up amongst their ranks and will bring to a close Brubaker’s tenure on what has to be considered to be the best ‘Avengers’ title currently on the shelves. Nick Spencer is due to take over the writing duties from #13 onwards - and also takes up the pen for #12.1 which could be interesting - and we’ll just have to see whether his creative skills can match that of one of the most talented writers on Marvel’s books.

So let’s take a trip over to DC and Vertigo where Scott Snyder will be cutting loose with his efforts on two titles. American Vampire #13 is the bigger draw of the two comics for me as Snyder will start a brand new arc where Pearl and Henry get pulled into the heart of World War II and a fight against vampire foes who are making plans and moves during the conflict with Japan. These shifts from one era to another have worked remarkably well for twelve issues of this series and that’s thanks to Snyder remaining true to his characters and allowing them to mature as time would allow yet remain ultimately recognisable when we get dropped into a fresh period of their lives during the 20th Century. From the preview pages out in interwebs land there seems to be a clean, rich feel to Rafael Albuquerque's work for this arc and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this comic.

Snyder’s other title this Wednesday is Detective Comics #875 which will once again focus primarily on Jim Gordon’s troubled mind now that his son James has reappeared and could potentially pose a threat to innocent citizens of Gotham. The last chapter was a brilliant example of tension bred through suggestion and misdirection and thanks to the art of Franceso Francavilla that bubbling mood was made even more intense. It seems that this isn’t simply going to be a ‘flash in the pan’ story which I’d actually taken it for when it started off as the backup story in Detective and it looks like Snyder has plans to get James Gordon involved in the life of his father and Dick Grayson’s Batman for many months to come.

Just perusing the trusty pull list it also seems that it’s a week for titles where I’m slightly dubious about the continuing level of quality for one reason or another. Scarlet #5 should be another chapter of enthralling tension and social commentary as Bendis and Maleev place their protagonist smack bang in the midst of her supporters and her detractors as she attempts to bring about revolution and an end to corruption throughout the ranks of those charged to protect society. My doubt sneaks in somewhat on the ongoing level of quality following the recent news that Bendis and Maleev would be working together on a new Moon Knight title due out in April. The previously excellent Spider-Woman title was brought to a premature end due to various excuses like over-working and tedium and it doesn’t fill me with confidence that this pair of creators - and Maleev in particular - are going to manage two titles like this without things going awry. I look forward of course to being proved quite wrong there!

Oh and the other title I was thinking of is Mark Millar's long overdue Kick Ass 2 #2.....meh, whatever! Haha, enjoy folks!


Tom P said...

The problem with Kick Ass 2 #2 is it's just so slow. I loved Kick-Ass (movie and comic) but I will just do what I did last tIme and trade wait.

Tom P said...

Also when's the next Superior out??? That's very good an was coming out on time, it feels like a longtime since the last issue.

Matt Clark said...

You read Kick Ass 2 #2 already Tom?! Were you queuing up outside Paradox at 9am this morning??

Tom P said...

Ha, No! Slow as in - getting to the shops. So sick of late books.