10 May 2011

Incoming... 11/05/2011

New comics are released Wednesday in the States and guess what, in the UK too! Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: For those of you rubbing your hands together with eager anticipation of Geoff Johns and DC’s newest multi-title spanning event Flashpoint I’m afraid you’ll find no preview from me this week as that is one event I’m steering quite clear of. Maybe I’m a little jaded following the mediocre end to Blackest Night and the fact that Brightest Day failed to capture my attention despite giving it a six issue attempt. Maybe I’m beginning to realise that my interest in a fair portion of DC’s Universe centres around individuals wearing green power rings or capes and cowls and doesn’t extend too far beyond that. In any case, I’ve got War of the Green Lanterns and Marvel’s Fear Itself to see me through these Summer months so I think I’m adequately covered! For those of you picking up the Flash-centric tale I wish you a happy read!

Despite not throwing a couple of coins DC’s way for their big No #1 comic this week I will still be making something of a gamble with my money as I drop $2.99 into the till at Paradox and once again try to get invested in one of the biggest video game franchises of all time as Archie Comics release Mega Man #1. I’ve dabbled a couple of times with Mega Man comics in the recent past - the Dreamwave effort in 2003-2004 stank up the place a fair bit - and have never found one that captured that feeling that the classic and brilliantly simple side-scrolling shooter got across. With Ian Flynn and Patrick ‘Spaz’ Spaziante’s new title I’m hoping that the simple sense of fun and adventure will come across without things getting too involved and complicated as they try to weave in a narrative that suits the illustrated form. By the looks of the covers and this preview I’d say that it seemss like they’re sticking to the script in terms of the first few games so I’ve fingers crossed that this delivers the reading experience the character deserves.

But wait, what week would be complete without yet another debut title to pick up, this evidently being the year of the ‘New Comic’ with publishers really giving it a go with fresh ideas? Well Blue Water Comics are giving writer Adam Gragg and artist Gregg Paulsen an opportunity to look at the relationship between those with super-powers and those with a nose for a ‘scoop’ as Paparazzi #1 casts it’s gaze over the city of Los Angeles where professional celebrity journalists start going after the ‘brave and the good’ in the hope of digging up some dirt. Okay, so maybe the likes of Powers and the Marvel Frontline series have looked a little closer at the grittier underbelly of superhero life in the past but a keen and focused look at the ‘human’ weaknesses of those supposedly acting as role-models and beacons of hope to the rest of society and how the media would react to certain revelations about such individuals sounds interesting to me.

Of course the real-world media plays a big part in the promotion and analysis of the comic book industry these days and I dare say that there’ll be some publications and sites casting a careful eye over John Layman’s latest concept when Chew #27 hits shelves around the world tomorrow. Yes, you read correctly there, no it’s not a typo, Chew #27 is out despite the last released issue being #18 last month. Layman and series artist Rob Guillory are taking us on a journey through time to a point one year in the future of the life of Tony Chu where we get to see what effect the exploits of 12 months and 9 issues will have on our cibopathic hero. This creative team have managed to keep things fresh, interesting and importantly, funny for the past year and a half on Chew and by catapulting us forward and more-or-less teasing us with what’s to come they’ll ensure that we’ll all be trying to guess how the journey is going to lay itself out.

Guessing where a story is headed is quite a common thing for comic readers but when it comes to the writing of Jonathan Hickman it does become a question of whether it’s even worth trying to suggest where a story may end up as he’s so darn unpredictable in the best of ways. I’m fully expecting FF #3 to throw me off in another direction after last issue’s rather surprising climax promised very interesting repercussions to come. Some regular readers of Marvel’s First Family adventures may not be too happy with where Hickman is leading Reed, Sue, Ben and Co. now that they’re the Future Foundation but I’m finding this new, somewhat intellectual direction to be really engrossing. There are ‘big’ ideas being looked at by Hickman that go to the very personal heart of this family and I’ve been very impressed with his characterisation of such a varied cast including his handling of Spider-Man which can be a tricky task at times for some writers. I’m certain that I’ll be enjoying yet another bewitching read this time tomorrow, how about you guys, picking up anything nice?


Matt Clark said...

Put me down for Flashpoint #1. There have been some patchy moments in the latest Flash series but I've been enjoying it a damn sight more the Green Lantern of late. I'm hope Johns makes this an accessible crossover this time around!

Tom P said...

Yeah, will be good to see how Cashpoint, sorry! Flashpoint turns out! Have you seen the checklist. Unbelievable! Will Try the first issue but to be honest my pull list is full already.