29 Jun 2011

Incoming... 29/06/2011

New comics are released Wednesday in the States and guess what, in the UK too! Here's a brief look at our expectations for the books we're picking up this week.

Stewart R: Wednesday is here everybody, Wednesday is here! Gather round and collect your comics. Ooooh, picking that up are you? Well I never, I’d heard it was good but hadn’t tried it yet. Is it worth giving it a go and picking up the back issues? I’m waiting until (insert such-and-such’s name here) comes on for writing/art duties before I get back into it but maybe I’ll give it a try, thanks for the recommendation!

Right, don’t say I don’t listen or try to interact with you guys. Now, what am I picking up today?

Well first things first we get a little look into yet another bizarre DC scheduling moment as Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #11 hits the shelves BEFORE we’ve had the grand finale to War of the Green Lanterns. The events in Peter J.Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin fall after the war has come to its conclusion so I dare say that what transpires within its pages may spoil the odd point here and there for the final chapter when it arrives. Having a quick look through DC’s solicitations it now appears that we aren’t going to be able to pick up Green Lantern #67 until July 13th, some two weeks later than initially listed and around 6 weeks after the last chapter of the event. This is actually a bit disappointing and could suggest that a small amount of ‘tweaking’ has been necessary in order to have things fall into DC’s glorious (or not-so glorious, we the reading public wait to be convinced) relaunch when it rolls around. Suffice to say that I’m going to buy Emerald Warriors #11 today and then leave it unread until July 13th to make sure things get done in the right way.

Following a light few weeks for my DC picks I’ve ended up with 3 of their titles on the magic list today and one of them arrives there following a recommendation from James R for I will be following the continuing adventures of nanite-infested David Kim in Xombi #4. Upon said recommendation I picked up issues #1-3 of this series by John Rozum and Frazer Irving and have been very, very impressed with what these two creators have brought to this comic so far. There’s an incredibly dark and brooding feeling to this comic series thanks to Rozum’s ability to instil the quite capable characters with a sense of fear at any given moment as situations threaten to get out of hand. Irving’s artwork - which briefly derailed my enjoyment of Batman And Robin several months ago - is brilliantly suited to this tale of undead spirits, bullet-spraying nuns and conspiracies that could end with disaster of biblical proportions. I tore through the three issues in double-quick time just a few days ago and would now recommend taking a look at this if you’re in the mood for something a little different from DC. The only reservation... even writer John Rozum is in limbo currently as to whether this series will carry on beyond September’s madness at the home of Batman and Superman! Watch this space then...

Let’s stay over in that particular corner of the publishing universe shall we and take a quick look at my Vertigo course for the week. American Vampire #16 by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque is the only option on the menu for me over there and it looks like poor old Henry is more than likely to end up on the menu for the gruesome hordes of vampire-creatures lurking about on Japanese-held Taipain. Bringing Henry and Skinner Sweet side-by-side in this story has been something of a masterstroke by Snyder who has ramped the tension up immensely by doing so. Not only do they both face the fight of their lives to survive the nightmares of the tiny Pacific island but the history that ties the two of them together could lead to even further bloodshed. Add to that recipe the fact that Pearl is flying into the midst of the battle to try to save her love, well I say that we’ve some exciting issues ahead!

So what have Marv... hmmm, no, don’t think we’ll go there yet!

Let us instead have a small amount of limelight fall upon Cullen Bunn’s Sixth Gun #12 which starts a new arc and forms a perfect jumping on point for those of you tempted to try this Old West story with a supernatural difference. The first two arcs from Bunn and series artist Brian Hurtt have been superb, melding the genres with skill and placing characterisation at the very heart of a story with a varied cast. This new arc sees Drake Sinclair and Becky escort the festering corpse of the vile General Hume to its final resting place but when you transport valuable or dangerous cargo by train in the Old West then it’s likely that things are not going to go smoothly and things could go ‘off the rails’ at any second. I’m very pleased for Bunn and Hurtt that this series has made it through it’s first year on the shelves and appears to have impressed a good many readers along the way. I hope to see them bring us another couple of dozen instalments from here on.

So what’s happening in Amazing Spid... oop, no wait, I forgot about Image! Whoops!

Joe Casey will be picking up the writing reigns on Image’s Haunt later on in the year but for now the Man Of Action man is bringing us his own anti-hero antics in Butcher Baker Righteous Maker #4 where the gang of escaped super-villains are finally getting themselves properly organised and decide that now is the time to attack the hulking mountain of machismo, right at the moment (and I’m quoting from what appears to be the official spiel here) when Butcher Baker is ‘balls-deep inside some serious superheroine cushioning’! If you’ve not heard of this title before that description should give you the smallest glimpse of how close to the vice-like knuckle Casey and artist Mike Huddleston are taking things with this book, but I will add that it’s not all filth and comedy as there have been some neatly realised serious moments along the way so far which makes this a more rounded yet still rude as you like offering.

Well, I think I’ve run out of time now so I’ll bring things to a clo...

Okay, fair enough, I’ll cover at least one Marvel title this week from the five that I’ll be collecting from Paradox Comics despite giving the ‘House That Stan Built’ some glowing coverage last Wednesday. There’s actually a #1 out today and my interest in it just jumped to another level when I took a look at just who had been given the job on artistic duties having initially thought it was just Lee Weeks - an artist who I’ve a lot of time for anyway. Ben Oliver did a brilliant job with Alpha Flight #0.1 a couple of months back and I was disappointed to see that he wasn’t the regular artist for that series. Thankfully he’s been handed the pencil to help transfer the writing of Christos N.Gage and Rob Williams to the page in Iron Age #1, a time-travelling romp where Tony Stark is thrown back into the past to save the future from a chain of events that he inadvertently set in motion all those years ago. Gage and Williams have sent ‘our’ Tony back to the days when he was a party-boy drunkard and I’m certainly looking forward to see how they go about weaving this story which in a tongue-in-cheek way kinda sounds like Marvel’s own to Back To The Future!

Great Scott (Summers)!!

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