13 Dec 2011

The Paradox "Oscars" 2011

Every 12 months the regular customers at Paradox get the opportunity to vote for their favourites of the year from a list of nominations chosen by the members of the Paradox Comic Group. Because nobody could think up a catchy name we went with Paradox "Oscars" instead!

This year we decided to open up the voting process to our friends in the realm of cyberspace as well as those in the real world, and consequently we received more votes than ever before. There may be some surprises here, but that's the democratic process for you!

The winners were revealed in a glittering awards ceremony last weekend in the presence of a plethora of comics celebs... well, okay, that's a slight exaggeration - it was a curry house in Westbourne but we did wangle the appearance of one comics professional, the venerable Elephantmen cover artist Boo Cook!

And so, without further ado, we now present the Paradox "Oscars" winners for 2011:

Best Ongoing Title: Uncanny X-Force

Also nominated: American Vampire, Journey Into Mystery, The Unwritten

Best Miniseries: American Vampire: Survival Of The Fittest

Also nominated: Flashpoint, Halcyon, Marineman

Best New Title: Animal Man

Also nominated: All-Star Western, Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker, Green Wake

Best Writer: Scott Snyder

Also nominated: Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Jeff Lemire

Best Artist: J.H. Williams III

Also nominated: Chris Bachalo, Olivier Coipel, Jock

Best Cover Artist: Jock

Also nominated: David Aja, Sean Phillips, Alex Ross

Most Promising Talent: Sara Pichelli

Also nominated: Kyle Higgins, Jorge Molina, Christian Ward

Best Adaptation: Thor

Also nominated: Batman: Year One, Captain America: The First Avenger, X-Men: First Class

Best Publisher: DC/Vertigo

Also nominated: IDW, Image, Marvel

Best Main Character: Batman

Also nominated: Cyclops, Daredevil, Thor

Best Supporting Character: Fantomex

Also nominated: Commissioner Gordon, Damian Wayne, Nick Fury

Best Villain: James Gordon Jr

Also nominated: Professor Zoom, Sin (Red Skull), Skinner Sweet

Disappointment Of The Year: Fear Itself

Also nominated: Catwoman relaunch, Green Lantern movie, Moon Knight relaunch

Best Website: 13 Minutes

Also nominated: Bleeding Cool, Comic Book Resources, Newsarama

Most Looking Forward To In 2010: The Dark Knight Rises

Also nominated: Amazing Spider-Man movie, Avengers movie, Bristol Comic Expo

Click the following links for previous year's winners: 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007.

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