4 Sept 2012

On The Pull 05/09/2012

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

James R: This week it's all about nothing for me - or ‘zero’ if you want to get all mathematical! DC's #0 issues dominate my pull list – Action Comics, Animal Man, Swamp Thing and Dial H. Phew! My two highlights though are Sweet Tooth and Fashion Beast. Sweet Tooth is building to its conclusion, and I'm sure Jeff Lemire will finish off Gus and Jeppard's post-apocalyptic odyssey with aplomb. I'll also pick up anything that comes out with Alan Moore's name on it, and I'm fascinated to see how the script of the unproduced Fashion Beast looks as a comic. However, it's also a rare week when I won't be picking up anything from Marvel - for all the excitement surrounding Marvel NOW!, their releases this week look decidedly uninspiring...

Matt C: If I had to pick just one, I’d go for Hawkeye #2 being the book I’m most excited about this week after the assured debut last month. That’s not all writer Matt Fraction’s got lined up for us though as Mighty Thor #19 also hits the stands, continuing the crossover with Journey Into Mystery, and as I was super impressed by last week’s opening chapter, it looks like I’ll be picking up this title up again for the duration. DC are kicking off their ‘Zero Month’, but none of the #0s due to hit the shelf on Wednesday appeal, so it looks like it’ll just be Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre from the publishing house, with Vertigo providing another chapter of Sweet Tooth as we approach the no doubt bittersweet finale. Image have the second issues of both Harvest and Think Tank (via Top Cow) and I’m keen to see if they can deliver on the promise of their opening chapters.

Stewart R:  After what has seemed like weeks and weeks of huge deliveries into my pull-list I end up with a relatively quiet one with far fewer DC and Marvel titles that usual.  I’ve pretty much shrugged off the DC #0 push this Wednesday with only Green Lantern #0 making the cut purely because I feel that it is likely to have a reasonable contribution to the upcoming ‘Third Army’ event.  Marvel offers up the ever-present Amazing Spider-Man with #693, the always loveable underdog in Jeff Parker’s Dark Avengers #180 (which still draws me in with the continued inclusion of his original Thunderbolts team) and, finally, a big fat piece of reprinted goodness with the arrival of Jim Starlin’s collected Thanos Quest #1.  Image (along with their Top Cow imprint) naturally continue the push with their newest material and that means that I get second instalments of highly promising series, Harvest and Think Tank, but #4 of the ‘out of body’ drama Mind The Gap sits a little precariously as I have grown a tad nonplussed as it’s progressed.  Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman are doing great things once again in the Cybertronian universe and so Transformers: Regeneration One #83 is possibly the most anticipated item on my entire list this week as it promises to be an explosive chapter following the previous cliffhanging introduction of a new Circuit Breaker!

Tom P: It’s always a good thing when you don't have much to pick up, mostly because the extra reading time can be used to read a few trades and, more importantly, it saves money! September is the start of the DC Comics #0 assault, and I'm not getting any of the first crop. The only DC book I'm buying this week is  Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #3 which, apart from Minutemen, is the only other Before Watchmen book I'm buying. Last week I claimed Minutemen is the one you really need to read and I stand by that, but despite a dip in quality from the first issue I can't ignore Cooke's writing and Conner's brilliant work, so Silk Spectre  stays. I have high hopes for Hawkeye #2 after the superb debut issue; I loved the more grounded take on Clint Barton, in many ways it reminded me Batman: Year One by focusing not on super-villains but instead exploring street crime and corruption. That and I like a comic with a loveable pooch! That just leaves me with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14, one of the best books available from Marvel. I love what Bendis has achieved with Miles Morales as the new USM and artist David Marquez has been doing breathtaking work on the title. Without doubt my most anticipated read this week.

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Andy C said...

I'm picking up Animal Man, Swamp Thing (not on my regular list but I'm a suggestible comics zombie so will pick it up during Rotworld which started much stronger than I was expecting), Sweet Tooth, and Age of Apocalypse.

Bloodshot #3 is also on my list although the jury is still out on this one. It's been good so far but I'm struggling to predict any long-term interest in the character, and as a relative newbie I have no sentimentality for Valliant which seems to account for some of their recent success? Will definitely see the current arc out but thereafter.....

Most of my enthusiasm for this week is aimed at Harvest #2 following an excellent first issue. Hoping for great things from this mini-series.