18 Sept 2012

On The Pull 19/09/2012

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: After last week’s flood of titles, this week offers a much more manageable amount. I’m counting six that I’ll be picking up, so hopefully that will allow me some time to catch up on those unread books from seven days ago too! Top of the list is, surprisingly, Justice League #0. I’m less than enamoured with this whole Zero Month thing, but this issue is a little different in that it gives itself over to the Shazam! backup strip that’s currently running in the title, and for my money that strip is quite possibly the best thing to come out of the whole New 52 (Snyder and Capullo’s Batman excepted, possibly). I really think Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have a beautiful synergy together, and some of the best work I’ve seen from either of them is when they combine forces. Other high points include Unwritten #41, Daredevil #18 and the final issue of Roger Langridge’s delightful Snarked. One book I’m not likely to get this week, although it is right up my street, is Stumptown Vol.2 #1. The first series started off really well but got stymied by art problems and delays. By the end of it, my interest had waned. I’d still like to give it a look, but it’ll probably be a case of trade-waiting here.

Tom P: I may still have a lot of comics to read from last week but at least this Wednesday I'm picking up a sensible amount of stuff. Hopefully Batwoman #0 won't upset me as much as Batman #0 did, but with J.H.Williams III on the art it will at least look gorgeous. Justice League #0 is also released with art by Gary Frank… the Gary Frank!!! Can you tell I like Gary Frank? Wonder Woman #0 rounds of DC for me this week and I have loved this new incarnation, can't wait for more. Image's Revival #3 will also get purchased as I must know what that thing in the woods was in #1. Creepy. Mighty Thor #20 should give me my Asgard fix, but to be honest I'm still only buying it because of the links to the brilliant Journey Into Mystery. Look, Spider-Men #5!!! The conclusion to one of the most emotional and awesome miniseries I've read all year, I've loved every issue and tell everyone to read it... so read it!!! I also get Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #15 which will make for a perfect double act - this is gold standard Marvel. I’m less sold on Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15; every issue has sucked recently and even Hickman's run left me cold - this is its last chance. I've never dropped The Ultimates  but to be honest since Hitch and Millar finished on the book it's been  average at best. Why do I do it? I have to hand it to Stewart R. He sold me on Godzilla: Half Century War #1 when he showed me his copy. The art was phenomenal so I look forward to picking it up with the second issue to see what I make of it. Justin from 13 Minutes said if you're the type of person who misses the old Shaolin Cowboy series from Geoff Darrow, then you should be all over this. I am that person. Whatever did happen to BurlyMan comics?

Stewart R: A quieter comic book week... that is until Godzilla stomps his way into your town and your hearts!! Oh yes, I'm very excited about picking up Godzilla: Half Century War #2 this week following James Stokoe's blinder of a debut issue. Moving things on a decade or so I'm expecting a change in location and a change in the type of warfare brought to bear against the gigantic, screeching, fire-breathing force of nature, and I truly expect that it's going to look exceptional. While that book from IDW stands head and shoulders above the rest (well c'mon, he is at least 500ft tall!) there are plenty of other gems to be picking up and a fair few from the 'other' publishers.  It's been a little while, but I'm looking forward to getting hold of Dead Man's Run #3 from Greg Pak, Tony Parker and Aspen Comics and seeing just how Sam Tinker's plans to escape the bowels of his hellish prison proceed this time out. The early chapters of this title were promising and I've my fingers crossed that the prolonged delay hasn't killed the impetus of the plot when picking it back up again. The last book I'll mention today has really grabbed my interest since its debut just a couple of months ago and, yep, you've guessed it, being an awesome new title must make it an Image title! Revival #3 will no doubt bring us more questions and hopefully a sniff of an answer here and there about the strange quarantined town where certain folk don't remain dead for too long! Happy reading!


Justin Giampaoli said...

That guy from 13 Minutes is a nut. ;-)

Seriously, thanks for the shout!

Andy C said...

Mega-light week for me. Just Spider-Men and Revival. Might leave money to feed the kids!

Really looking forward to Revival. It's been excellent so far. Great atmosphere and can't wait to see how it pans out, and ends (boo!). It is a mini-series, isn't it, or did I dream it?

In a twisted way, I'm kind of hoping Tom P will hate another #0. I do enjoy reading a good rant. Sorry Tom!! It was a really well written piece, if a little harsh in my opinion. Must admit, I would prefer to skip the zero issue gimmick and just get on with great stories. Batgirl #0 was good though, much better than Batman #0.

Tom P said...

Thanks, Andy! Who doesn't love a good rant?