25 Sept 2012

On The Pull 26/09/2012

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Tom P: Batman Incorporated #0 and Happy! #1 will be two titles I'm very excited about this week – I’m a big Grant Morrison fan and can't wait to read them! Batman Incorporated continues his epic Bat-saga and Happy!, well I don't know much about it at all! Sometimes that's the best way. Flash #0 is also out so that should be a kinetic and wonderfully illustrated read. I'm keen to see what happens next in American Vampire #31 - Pearl, you bad girl! Marvel knock me down again this week - this double shipping madness must stop or I will have to revert to trade or make some painful cuts. Anyway, FF #22 doesn't hurt too badly at $2.99 and I'm enjoying this closing period of Hickman's run. Fury Max #6 is also released and what a superior slice of ‘60s Marvel espionage it is!  So that just leaves Journey Into Mystery #644, the brilliant Secret Avengers #31 and Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16 with President Steve Rogers taking over America too  - who'd have thunk it, eh? Winter Soldier #11 should provide me with some post-Cold War and Black Widow themed shenanigans, then finish that with Wolverine & The X-Men #17 and X-Men #36 and that’s it for me this week.

Matt C: After a quieter turnout last week, this week sees the number of titles on my pull-list increase again. Image draw my attention first, with the first issue of Happy, the last issue of Dancer, and another instalment of the excellent Prophet. I generally prefer Grant Morrison’s work away from the Big Two, so while I’m far from his biggest fan I am optimistic about Happy!. Flash #0 is the only DC universe title I’m interested in but I’ll also get a copy of Before Watchmen: Ozymandias to ogle at Jae Lee’s exquisite compositions and also in the hope that Len Wein starts to do something a little less predictable with the character. As usual, Marvel take the majority stake with seven titles – Journey Into Mystery has to be the pick of the bunch, but the fortnightly release schedule of some of these books is putting serious strain on my wallet, and will probably be a factor to consider once Marvel NOW! starts rolling.

Stewart R: You seem to get one quiet pull-list week in about eight and can usually guarantee that the one following that quiet week will be absolutely bananas! Looking at the full list of titles coming in to Paradox this week it’s clear to see that there’s a considerable wealth of printed comic goodness, but how long can we keep going at that sort of pace? I’m certainly burned out in terms of DC’s #0 initiative, having picked up only one ongoing title out of that publishing house last week, and this week actually sees one of the first victims of Image’s constant push of new titles. I sought out the preview for Grant Morrison’s Happy! #1 and gave the description and preview pages a good going over earlier today and despite showing some promise I’ve had to say no for now. I’m already going to be picking up Dancer #5 and Debris #3, and while those are strong series soon to be reaching their conclusions I still have those flicks through Previews telling me that there are even more #1 issues from Image on the way in the lead up to Christmas. Marvel’s barrage of titles continues in earnest and sitting atop that particular pile will be Matt Fraction’s Invincible Iron Man #525. I get the feeling that the ‘winding up’ phase of Fraction’s plan may now be over and he might be on the verge of letting go and allowing the whole Iron Man/Ezekiel Stane/Manadarin whirlwind to burst forth, leaving a trail of destruction in its path. Here’s hoping anyway. The other Marvel book I’m eager to get my hands on is Wolverine & The X-Men #17 as it’s clear we’re still not quite out of Avengers Vs X-Men crossover territory yet and Jason Aaron has been excelling himself when it comes to showing the impact that such a critical event is having upon school, faculty and pupils alike.

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