10 Oct 2012

No Sleep Til Brooklyn!! New York Comic Convention 2012

Sometimes you have to go great distances for the comic experience...
Stewart R:  Yes, that's right, the PCG (well, one of them at least) is heading across the Atlantic Pond this fine day to soak in, lap up and bathe himself with the cool, refreshing waters of the New York Comic Convention. Something of last minute decision for sure, but one that I've steadily come to realise has been a fine choice when I've seen the line up grow and grow over the past month or so, offering one of those 'Once in a lifetime' experiences.

Scott Snyder, Mark Waid, Robert Kirkman, Olivier Coipel, the Man of Action co-operative, Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman, Adam West, Kevin Bacon... Elmo!  The list of attendees from the comics and entertainment world is vast and I'm wondering how many of them I'll get chance to rub shoulders with over the three days that I'll be attending the show?

With Marvel NOW! primed and in the spotlight and DC celebrating passing through the first year of the New 52 with reasonable success I'm expecting this to be quite an important weekend for the Big Two. I suspect they'll each be trying to push their advantage while fighting off a rear guard action from the likes of Image, IDW and Dark Horse, who all seem to be aware of a growing desire in the market for creator-owned projects and indie alternatives to the superhero fare that makes up the majority. I'll certainly be trying to squeeze into some Marvel NOW! panels between long box rummages and will make the effort to check out the occasional soap box sales pitch from Image who seemingly can do no wrong at the moment. I've also the odd comic book in my luggage to be signed by creators who as yet haven't graced many of the UK conventions - a Duncan Rouleau signature is high on the want list - but I tell you what, it feels weird taking these paper purchases back to their country of origin considering the journey they've already made!

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