16 Oct 2012

NYCC 2012: Walkabout Videos

Stewart R:  Having returned to the shores of the UK at last I've been able to get a couple of videos off of my phone that I filmed briefly on the Saturday afternoon of the convention. I took these firstly to act as a small reminder to myself on what the general feel on the show floor had been like and also so that those who may have been reading my blog posts over the past week could get a small idea at just how vast the Javits Centre is.  The quality is not the best so I'd advise watching them in the small viewers below.

I've marked the path of each video on the floor planner video for your reference. The darn thing was so big that we didn't even discover The Block - that section to the left of the construction zone - until the last day we were there having explored quite extensively when we had first arrived. Heck, I was still finding stalls in the last hour on the main floor that I hadn't seen before! And that is of course without Artist Alley, or the huge panel rooms even taken into consideration which were of hefty sizes themselves.

Video 1
 Video 2

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