9 Oct 2012

On The Pull 10/10/2012

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: After a relatively quiet week that saw the conclusion of Avengers Vs. X-Men we now move to a week much more stuffed with new comics as the House of Ideas ushers in the much hyped Marvel NOW! to tempt us to open our wallets. Kicking things off we have the most high-profile book of the launch, Uncanny Avengers. I think Rick Remender has shown he can handle team dynamics brilliantly and has a good grasp of the variety of characters that make up the X-Men and the Avengers thanks to his impressive stints on Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers (especially Uncanny X-Force). That alone makes me excited to see what he can cook up here, but when you factor in that this series sees John Cassaday returning to full-time interior work after what seems like an age then you’ve got the ingredients for something very special indeed. Fingers crossed. The other major highlight for me this Wednesday is the first issue of the latest Stuff Of Legend miniseries, Toy Collector. I’ve been making my love of this book known since it first appeared in 2009 and the fact that we invited co-writer Mike Raicht to be our very first PCG interviewee should indicate the support we’re more than willing to throw behind it. This won’t be a jumping on point, but what will be a jumping on point is the first collected edition which you should seek out forthwith! Seriously! There are a bunch of other books on my list this week, but I’ll pick two more that stick out : Batman #13, which sees the return of the Joker, and Fantastic Four #611, which sees the conclusion of Jonathan Hickman’s rather impressive run. A busy week of reading ahead of me, all told!

Tom P: What a fantastically exciting week of comics! Brian Wood is now a firm addition to the majority of my pull-list. All killer, no filler. We say hello to Conan The Barbarian #9, The Massive #5 and Ultimate Comics: X-Men #17, and we say goodbye to X-Men #37. Wood's short run on X-Men has been superb and certainly increased the quality of the X-output in what I believe has been a brilliant era for Mutantkind. Batman #13 is also released - despite my hatred of issue #0 the Snyder run has been a fun ride and the addition of the Joker is something I can't miss! A real treat this week is Punk Rock Jesus #4, it's grade A brain candy! At Marvel we have Hickman's final Fantastic Four, with #611; I've loved his work with these characters since the Dark Reign miniseries and I also managed to be insanely lucky and get the rare signed black variant they released when I opened my bagged copy of Johnny's “death” issue and I've treasured it since. I also have the pleasure of Secret Avengers and Wolverine & The X-Men #18 to pick up but without a shadow of a doubt it's all about Uncanny Avengers this week. I guarantee it will be the first thing I read. I'm a massive John Cassaday fan, Planetary is in my opinion the greatest comics run ever, so wherever he goes I will follow. It's not just him that's sold me on this book though - as long as Remender can deliver a tale up to ‘Dark Angel Saga’ standard we could have a classic! So yeah, I'm excited. Then, last but not least, I'm looking forward to Red She-Hulk #58 -you have to get up early to catch Jeff Parker out. He's one of Marvel's top talents and I like the character a lot. Both these 'NOW!' titles come with amazing Skottie Young baby variants that I just can't resist.

Andy H: Well it’s a bit of a Bat-fest to start my list this week as DC launch the return of the Joker in ‘Death Of The Family’. The main part is Snyder and Capullo’s Batman #13 but don’t forget to check out Batgirl #13 for a prelude to this Bat-epic. Considering the past events that linked Barbara Gordon and the Joker this should be worth a look. I’ll also be picking up Batman And Robin #13 as so far it’s been a pretty solid Bat-book. Only two other titles from DC this week and that would be Demon Knights and Green Lantern Corps. Nothing too unexpected from Marvel as I get my regular X-fix with Wolverine 314, Wolverine & The X-men #18 and X-Men 37. Of course, like a lot of other folk, I’ll be picking up Uncanny Avengers #1 as the whole Marvel NOW! thing begins to roll out. There are a few independents that make my list this week; first the excellent relaunches from Valiant, Archer & Armstrong and Bloodshot. Another relaunch to check out is Evil Ernie as Dynamite Entertainment put a fresh spin on the cult classic. And, must not forget, the latest instalment of Stuff Of Legend as Toy Collector starts. Finally, it’s off to Image who have got another great selection to choose from. I’m going to plump for just two. The Walking Dead: Michonne Special, which is essentially a reprint of #19 (Michonne’s first appearance) but includes a special origin story which was previously printed in the US edition of Playboy (never heard of it *ahem*).Then my most anticipated book of the week, Halloween Eve, a one-shot featuring the art of Amy Reeder, who first hit my radar with her work on Vertigo’s Madame Xanadu. Lovely stuff! Almost forgot, there is one trade that will be finding its way onto my read pile this week. Valentine from Alex de Campi and Christine Larsen takes their web comic and puts it into print for the first time. Also includes a previously unpublished 42-page bonus story. Some good reading to be had, if I can find time!

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