23 Oct 2012

On The Pull 24/10/2012

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Stewart R: Following on from Kieron Gillen's farewell to Uncanny X-Men last week there are a few goodbyes to come this Wednesday in the Marvel offices as certain writers and artists wave fondly at titles they've guided with a steady hand for a couple of years before diving into projects new. The big one for me is the end of Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca's glorious reign on Invincible Iron Man which comes to an end with this week's #527. With the Mandarin defeated once more I'm expecting a philosophical look at the most recent period of chaos in the life of Tony Stark and potential signs for the future as Fraction may lay down a little groundwork – just a small stone or two – for Gillen and Land's upcoming run on the relaunching Iron Man title. The other 'end of an era' Marvel title this week will be FF #23 where Jonathan Hickman signs off on several years of intergalactic and high science family matters with the many members of the constantly growing Reed Clan and Future Foundation. I honestly never thought I'd be picking up a Fantastic Four title on a regular basis, let alone two, yet Hickman's writing has been seriously engrossing as his huge sweeping storylines wrapped me up and kept me coming back for more with highbrow entertainment meshing tightly with deeply emotional pieces. Elsewhere I'm looking forward to the finale of Kurtis J. Wiebe and Riley Rossmo's enviro-apocalyptic miniseries, Debris, which has its fourth chapter hitting the shelves. Rossmo has certainly impressed with an incredibly cleaned up style for this book and a great grasp of the blistering and brutal action sequences. Part of me wishes this had the legs to become an ongoing as the world that these two creators have brought to the page still remains mysterious and intriguing and I suspect could have many more tales hidden within the junkpile jungle. I'll also be picking up the fourth instalment of Tim Seeley's Image series Revival which took just a tiny dip in terms of drive and impetus last time out, but still remains high on the pull list thanks to a great concept and strong characterisation.

Matt C: Invincible Iron Man #527 then. Four and a half years later and the team of Matt Fraction and Salvador Larrocca has remained intact, and in this day and age that’s one heck of an impressive feat. That’s it’s generally been a pretty damn fine read too is just as impressive, if not more so. Admittedly it kind of hit its peak relatively early on, and there have been some subpar issues along the way (the Fear Itself tie-ins in particular) but taken as a whole I think it’ll stand up as one of the best runs the title has ever seen. So I’ll miss it, but I’ll miss Journey Into Mystery more, which sort of has its final issue this week too (it’s continuing with a new creative team and new lead character, so it counts as a finale!). This has been one of best Marvel books in the last couple of years, and Gillen’s take on the young Loki’s adventures has been revelatory – I’d be more gutted if I didn’t know the writer was taking the character over to the Young Avengers relaunch, but I’m sad to see this run come to an end all the same. Other highlights? Both from the mind of Brandon Graham this Wednesday: Prophet has been one of the definite highlights of 2012 so I’m interested to see what the writer does on his rather madcap sounding creator-owned series, Multiple Warheads: Alphabets To Infinity. Even though I’m waving goodbye to some books, I’m saying hello to others, and that’s just as it should be!

Tom P: So, what do we have this Wednesday? Every week is getting expensive so I'm starting to cut down but... Revival #4 is out from Image and I forgot to put it on my pull-list -  hopefully Andy at Paradox Comics is reading this! Batman Incorporated #4 and Flash #13 from DC - once Morrison steps off Inc that will be it for me too and if Flash doesn't pick up the pace it might end up on the chopping block with the vast majority of the other New 52 titles. Marvel is always the publisher I have most trouble cutting, I just love that world and as expensive as being a Marvel fan is, I just can't quit it, I'm a Marvel junkie... Help! A-Babies Vs. X-Babies #1 is out too - I just adore Skottie Young's work and I even had his exclusive AVX #1 variant shipped from New York's Midtown Comics at some expense, so I can't pass it up! Hickman puts in his last issue of FF with #23 and it's fair to say I will miss his work on the title. Another title I will miss that's out this week is Journey Into Mystery which has been bloody brilliant. Secret Avengers has been on fire recently; Flash Thompson is getting it on with Valkyrie, Black Widow has quit and don't even get me started on Ant-man! Plus check out that Art Adams Doom-based cover! Then we have Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #17 just hanging in there unlike Ultimate Comics: X-Men #17. Woods has nailed this corner of the Ultimate Universe. He should write the Ultimates, I would love to see what he could do with them.


Andy C said...

Love this feature. Missed the old Incoming...!

Highlight from my list this week is Revival #4. Seriously rate the title so far.

Regretting not jumping on board Debris from the start. Seems to be have gone down really well.

As the final issue of the first arc (and probably my last) I'm surprised no-one is picking up Mind MGMT #6??? I'm likely to bail in the name of trying other titles unless #6 blows me away. I have no serious complaints but have not totally connected with the characters and I don't think #1 has been matched by the subsequent instalments.

Matt Clark said...

I am picking up Mind MGMT Andy, and like you it will probably be for the last time. I don't mention every title I'm picking up, just the highlights with some commentary. Hopefully more interesting that way!

Andy C said...

Gotcha. Feel I've really got to grips with this feature now! Just testing. Or something.

Stewart R said...

Yup, Mind MGMT is on my list and is currently a permanent feature! I won't be dropping it here though as I'm loving what Matt Kindt is doing on the title.

Andy C said...

Following my comment about missing the boat on Debris, Andy at Paradox had issues 1 to 3 first prints all in stock so picked up all four issues this morning!

Just goes to show you can't beat your friendly local CBS!

Also picked up A-Babies vs X-Babies to read with my 4 year old.....