27 Nov 2012

On The Pull 28/11/2012

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: More titles from Image on my pull-list than any other publisher this week, and I don’t think that’s ever happened before (they’ll be six in total!). I guess it goes to show how much their push of inventive, interesting and diverse creator-owned material is really paying off. Top of the pile is Prophet #31 which, as you may be aware, is another issue in of 2012’s most enjoyable comic book surprises, but the real reason I’m flagging this is that it features a cover from friend of the PCG, Boo Cook. Always good to see Boo get some further exposure in the American comics industry, and I can’t think of a better title more suited to his weird and wonderful sensibilities right now. Other highlights include the welcome return (it’s been a few weeks now) of the miniseries Planetoid and the second instalment of Bedlam, which I’m hoping will cement its place on my list. Two of the better Before Watchmen titles appear from DC, with Ozymandias really needing to shift up a gear and Silk Spectre – the first final issue – perhaps giving an indication of whether the whole endeavour has been worthwhile. Two Marvel NOW! books as well: I can’t see Thor: God Of Thunder #2 being a disappointment after the astounding debut issue but I’m still feeling a bit iffy about the second chapter of Uncanny Avengers – it has potential but didn’t really makes a solid impression first time around. Last, but by no means least, the next issue of Stuff Of Legend: The Toy Collector arrives, and I will continue to sing this series’ praises until everyone comes around to the realisation of its brilliance! That may take some time but, dammit, I won’t give up!

Tom P: From King Kong to Hellboy, a giant monkey makes for a great fight, and Flash #14 will have to serve up some simian smack-downs as Barry takes on a supercharged Grodd. Gorillas In The Mist this is not. I’m not sold on FF #1 yet, on the one hand I love the Fantastic Four but I'm not 100% sure on the creative team. Fraction, as Matt pointed out in his superb Hawkeye review,(always suck up to the editor, kids!) is writing one of the best superhero books currently available. Can he bring that magic to this or will it leave me cold like his work on Mighty Thor and Fear Itself? Only one way to find out and take a punt I guess. Speaking of the Odinson, I couldn't believe how awesome the debut issue of Thor: God Of Thunder was. It's everything I wanted it to be: more like Game Of Thrones, less sci-fi and more fantasy. The whole package was superb. Batman Incorporated #5 and Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #4 have sort of fallen into that "I've got this far I  may as well finish it category" but both have been pretty decent so it's not that bad. It was a bit of a shame to open the last Secret Avengers and not find Matteo Scalera's work inside. It was a good read but suffered after his terrific stint on the book so I'm pleased to see him return in the latest issue and hope he sticks around until the title concludes. Another more high profile Avengers book from writer Remender is also released in the form Of Uncanny Avengers #2. I don't honestly care if it's late. I'm a Guinness drinker and with Cassaday’s artwork I'm more than happy to wait. Just two creator-owned books to finish the week off then with: Vertigo's now premier title American Vampire #33 and Image's refreshingly unique Chew.

Stewart R: This Wednesday is all about Planetoid #4 for me. Sorry, the rest of you comic books will have to wait your turn while I spend some quality time with this magnificent specimen in my hands!  Haha, okay, let’s cross back over the line of true weirdness and I shall just state that the first three issues of Ken Garing’s wasteland survival tale have been highly impressive so far and even writing this here and now I now fancy digging out #3 and giving it probably the tenth go through. Also on the agenda this week is picking up a couple of second issues from the Marvel NOW! pile, with Simon Spurrier’s X-Men Legacy #2 having little in the way of work to do to ensure future instalments appear on the old pull-list. I greatly enjoyed what he brought to the opening chapter with a deep and interesting lead character and a very open and unpredictable road ahead.  Rick Remender’s Uncanny Avengers #2 is the other title to make it to my pull-list after I had initially delayed picking up the debut to a very last minute decision. Unlike a few of my peers who were a touch underwhelmed by Remender’s opening salvo I was pretty impressed with what he brought to the table and for me the key will be just what sort of threat in the Red Skull we get as I’m used to something of a serious side from this talented scribe and I’d like things to stay that way within reason. Since Image books actually make up the majority of my haul this week I should also point a knowing finger in the direction of Bedlam #2 where I think we could have an incredibly strong series on our hands from Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo. Happy reading folks!

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Andy C said...

Most excited about Bedlam #2 this week. If it's as good as #1, I'll be very happy.