28 Nov 2012

Thought Balloon: The Five Greatest Comic Book Moustaches

Tom P: Movember will come to a close this week and to highlight this worthwhile cause I decided to take part by growing a moustache during November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. Starting clean shaven on the 1st you cultivate your top lip until the beginning of December starts and hopefully raise some money via sponsorship, which I'm pleased to say I have! If you would like to sponsor me and donate to this worthwhile cause that would be fantastic - the more the merrier! My horseshoe moustache has come on a treat and I must say the style has grown on me (the wife will be pleased to see it go though). To celebrate the final week of Movember 2012 the PCG now present The Five Greatest Comic Book Moustaches...

5. Sinestro
We all know Sinestro as an evil bad guy. He's a Green Lantern gone rotten, primarily known as Hal Jordan's  arch-nemesis, using fear as a weapon as one of DC Comic's most powerful villains. Sinister? Yes, but also stylish sporting a fine pencil moustache. Sure it's easy to grow, but precise shaving is required to maintain this sharp and striking Mo, showing that he takes personal grooming as seriously as intergalactic conquest.
4. General Thunderbolt Ross
The Thunderbolt 'tache has haunted Bruce Banner’s Hulk from day one. Unrelenting and unchanging as his top lip, Ross long made it his mission to stop the Hulk only to later become one himself. The size of this distinguished grey Walrus Military Mo is everything you would expect from an experienced General on the battlefield. Pure masculinity at its peak. Sadly, Ross gets demoted in the Top 5 as the face fuzz disappears when he changes into the Red Hulk. Hulk can have a beard so why can't Rulk keep his lip rug?
3. Hogun The Grim
A member of the Warriors Three and one of Thor's most trusted allies, you could easily overlook Hogan's fine horseshoe in favour of Fandral’s dashing soup strainer. However, the fact remains he's been rocking the style popular with bikers and wrestlers since the dawn of Asgardian myth, a true trendsetter. He's been involved in more great adventures, battles and quests than you can ever imagine with his bold, unrelenting moustache. Far from grim and my inspiration.
2. Commissioner Gordon
What is Batman without Gotham? What is Gotham without its Commissioner? What is James Gordon without his legendary ginger ookie duster? You can't escape this fine weapon of law-enforcement. Like his police badge, it represents justice. When writing this article it was the first lady tickler that came into my head. It even demands respect and friendship from the goddamn Batman.
1. Dum Dum Dugan
The top spot can surely only go to one man? This Mustachio has fought, brawled and exchanged blows against the Nazis in WW2 and remained steadfast and unflinching ever since. A loyal member of Sgt. Fury's  Howling Commandos, he teams his bullet-proof Mo with his trademark bowler hat. With its detailed yet bushy style I would have to classify it as a Handlebar. Hold on, folks. This prominent yet rugged 'tache is the quintessential comic book  PCG Moustache! 

Check out Tom’s effort at http://mobro.co/thomaspike


Matt Clark said...

I think I'd have to plump for Tony Starks' debonair 'tache, surely the most famous facial hair in all of comicdom, especially when he rocked the porno moustache look in the '70s and '80s!

Andy C said...

Quality! Jim Gordon gets my vote. You need to add this category to next year's Paradoscars!

Tom P said...

I did consider Tony but felt he was always more of a goatee man he hasn't stuck with it either. But your correct, Matt! A top 'tache!

Tom P said...

Thanks, Andy! Maybe I can rope the whole team in next year!

Atomic Edge said...

Is the Green Arrow disqualified because of the rest of his facial hair?


Tom P said...

Yeah, just too much below! I used the Mo rule book.