29 Jan 2013

On The Pull 30/01/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: The end of the month already?? Where does all the time go? At first glance there’s nothing obvious that stands out from this week’s batch, at least none of my regular titles (I’m sure they’ll be a lot of people excited for Invincible #100 though!). On second glance, I note that my favourite ongoing series has a rather special and not initially planned outing: Hawkeye #7 is Fraction’s reaction to Hurricane Sandy and sees Clint and Kate dealing with some extreme weather in the Big Apple. Tackling real world events in a superhero comic book doesn’t always work but I’ve been so impressed with the title so far I can’t imagine this issue will be a dud. Otherwise it’s a relatively quiet week for Marvel (relative to last week, that is!) but Avengers #4 makes a pleasing appearance, even if it is only seven days after the last issue. Adam Kubert takes over from Jerome Opena, so we’ll see if the magic continues without the Filipino artist’s presence. Activity #11 and Mara #2 are my Image dead certs this Wednesday, and after saying I was opting out of picking up Glory going forward, upon discovering it’s coming to an end with #34 I’ve decided to see it through to its conclusion. Sixth Gun from Oni is a book I don’t really rave about as much as I should (it’s great!) and I’m curious to check out the second issue of Deathmatch from BOOM! Studios. Unwritten from Vertigo, Flash from DC, the penultimate chapter of Before Watchmen: Ozymandias and that should be enough to keep me busy for the rest of the week!

Stewart R: Annuals in January? Many years ago that used to be the sign of post-Christmas sales and copies of the yearly Beano, Topper or Transformers hardbacks going cheap on the shelves of supermarkets and your local John Menzies or WH Smiths in the UK. These days, it’s more about the US comic publishers - and predominantly DC in their New 52 ways - to throw an extra, bumper-sized (and priced) issue into the crowd. Well, this week I’m caving and having to pick up not one, but two! Green Lantern Corps Annual #1 is a must buy realistically as it serves as the finale to Geoff Johns, Peter J.Tomasi and the rest of the Lantern scribe’s event, ‘Rise of the Third Army’. Dropping an annual in this way suggests to me that DC haven’t been able to allow this event to pan out without it being necessary to purchase at least two of the four associated titles in order to have a decent understanding of the unfolding tale. I’m now wondering how readers of just Green Lantern (for example) have been finding the reading experience since #13 last October. The other annual is arguably less important, but Batman And Robin Annual #1 has me interested as Tomasi did so well with the #0 issue, getting to the heart and centre of who Robin is. The annual promises more insight into the father and son relationship - something that has been missing a tad since ‘Death of the Family’ rolled into town - and that’s too good to pass up. In the finale stakes there’s Orchid #12 from Dark Horse. Tom Morello has actually done a fine job of crafting his tale of a warped and hostile Earth, a downtrodden people and rebellion all around, and I look forward to seeing how he caps off a fine series. And then dear friends, there are those difficult second issues. Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno delivered an intriguing and polished debut for BOOM! Studios with Deathmatch and I’ve high hopes that this second chapter will be just as involving and entertaining. Dan Slott managed to dodge the bullet with Superior Spider-Man’s first issue and now with the premise well and truly out of the bag it’s going to be interesting to see how quickly things move on and develop. I expect my critical eye to be a little harsher with #2 now that the shock and awe of the debut is out of the way and I look forward to casting its gaze across the pages come Wednesday!

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