12 Feb 2013

On The Pull 13/02/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Stewart R: And so we swap one packed pull-list week for another as everything goes a little crazy on Wednesday. Looking through the list of new releases I can count four Image titles that I was at one point picking up and have sadly had to let go, and all of them are sat alongside the seven Image titles that I'll still be purchasing! There are a couple of second issues out for some promising miniseries including End Times Of Bram and Ben #2 and Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #2. Both provided some quality comedy moments in their debuts and I'll certainly be happy with more of the same this week. Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo's psychological supervillain thriller, Bedlam is back with its fourth instalment and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into that. Clone #4 and America's Got Powers #5 are still interesting prospects, the former currently sitting in a 'one arc only' category for me and the latter I'm not quite convinced hasn't suffered from the protracted delays. Cyber Force #3 is of course FREE and would be well worth picking up even if I had to pay, and David Hine is doing a superb job with sci-fi effort Storm Dogs that the third outing is a definite fixture on my list. I, like many of us, have a hunger to discover just who may have paid the ultimate price of the Joker's foul game in the finale of 'Death Of the Family'. All of the answers will be revealed within the pages of Scott Snyder's Batman #17! It's sure to be an unmissable spectacle and it also has me wondering just what the fallout could be in sister title Batman And Robin #17. On the Marvel side of things there is no way on Atillan or Earth that I will be missing Uncanny X-Men #1 with Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend involved on the artistic duties. If nothing else I just want to know if there's anything special about that new suit that Cyclops has been sporting in all of the promo and preview pics!

Matt C: Out of sheer laziness this week I'm just going to list my pull-list as is:

Star Wars #2
Batman #17
Before Watchmen: Comedian #5
Americas Got Powers #5
Bedlam #4
Clone #4
Cyber Force #3
Fatale #12
Storm Dogs #3
Wolverine And The X-Men #25
Mouse Guard: Black Axe #6
Stuff of Legend: The Toy Collector #3

A few notes: glad Black Axe is finishing as I can finally get to read the thing (delays between issues proved a little taxing on the memory) and I'm skipping the Marvel NOW! #1s this week as there's simply too much other stuff being put out by the publisher at the moment (and neither seem worth forking $3.99 for, although I'm prepared to be convinced otherwise). And that's it for me. Nothing else to see, move along, move along...


Matt Clark said...

It appears Star Wars #2 hasn't arrived in the UK this week - gasp!

Something to look forward to next week I guess...

Stewart R said...

IF we get all of our order turn up in the UK!