19 Feb 2013

On The Pull 20/02/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: The recent storms that battered the US seem to have had a knock on effect to comic deliveries in the UK this week as various titles (including everything from Image) haven’t reached these shores. I’m not moaning though as I’m sure other people came off far, far worse than missing some titles off their pull-list as a result of the storms, and normal service will not doubt be resumed next week. It certainly helps lighten the load on my wallet just prior to the London Super Comic Con this weekend, which has perhaps aided my decision to pick up Nova #1 this week. With the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie due to hit next year, Marvel are making a move to push their cosmic universe to the forefront of the collective fanboy consciousness. What worries me here is that Richard Rider isn’t the star of the show, rather it’s the much younger Sam Alexander (as seen in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV show). Kid Nova? Hmmm, not sure, but I’ve heard some positive word about it so I’m prepared to be convinced. It’s about time Jeph Loeb put out something worth reading again, that’s for sure! No DC this week (and obviously no Image) so it’s the likes of Avengers #6 and Thor: God Of Thunder #5 (safe bet for book of the week?) that I’m most eager to get my hands on. I’m quite keen to what Kill Shakespeare: Tide Of Blood #1 has to offer too, as the first series was largely on the impressive side of things. Oh, and Star Wars #2 finally makes its way over here, somehow being affected by the storm earlier than anything else. Must be The Force at work.

Stewart R: Someone please have a little word with Ororo Munroe or Robert Drake and tell them to sort out the freezing storm systems that keep mucking up the comic deliveries to the UK! Star Wars #2 last week - thankfully arriving this Wednesday - and now unfortunately delayed this week are all of my Image titles and a handful of smaller publisher pieces too!  So that’s no latest instalment of Saga, no mysteries revealed in Revival and having to wait seven days for my Sixth Gun!! A rather reduced pull list certainly, but there are some top titles heading my way that I’m still eager to get my hands on. Dan Slott’s been working his magic with the new status quo for the webbed wonder and I’m excited to see just how Otto Octavius continues to meddle and morph the life of Peter Parker in Superior Spider-Man #4. The ‘Rise of the Third Army' has been stymied thanks to the many members of the various Lantern Corps, but now everyone has to deal with the potentially more dangerous threat that the ‘Wrath of the First Lantern’ poses. With Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi’s respective reigns on their titles due to come to an end in just a few months’ time at the climax of this new story, I’m keen to see these guys deliver some of their very strongest work in the likes of Green Lantern #17 and Green Lantern Corps #17; it’d be such a shame to go out on a whimper rather than an emerald coloured bang!  And then there’s the next character insight to be offered up in Avengers #6 where Jonathan Hickman will continue to weave the various threads he has in his growing Avengers tapestry, whilst focussing on this newest version of Captain Universe. The last two similar chapters have been really interesting and I expect this to hit the same level of quality.

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