1 Mar 2013

Kickstarted: MELKSHAM COMIC CON 2013

In our Kickstarted feature, we take a look at those comics-related projects on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter that we feel warrant extra attention. We’ll highlight the ones currently looking for funding as well as reviewing those that have been completed, with the finished product now in the hands of the contributors.
Matt C: If you’re a fan of the funny books, you can’t deny the allure of a comics convention. They offer the chance to mingle with folks that don’t sniff at your obsession, whether they’re like-minded fanboys or girls, friendly retailers tempting you with their wares, or creators who produce those sequential art delights we love with a passion.

Spotting the Bleeding Cool article during downtime at the LSCC last weekend put this project on my radar, a convention that was held last year and completely skipped my attention. That’s not surprising in itself (plenty of things skip my attention these days!), but it’s the fact that it’s just an hour up the road from me that had me raising an eyebrow as makes it, by default, my ‘local’ con!

If that’s not a reason enough to invest in the Melksham Comic Con Kickstarter campaign to ensure it goes ahead on 31st August this year, then nothing is, so we at the PCG are throwing our support behind this venture and hope we can prompt others to invest too, particularly those falling in the ‘catchment area’. It’s a small con that can only hold a limited number of exhibitors, but there’s an appealing mix of comic shops, independent publishers and cake sellers (!) amongst others, as well as a selection of top Brit comic talents like Kieron Gillen, Rob Williams and Si Spurrier.

Obviously we want the Melksham con to go ahead, but it ain’t gonna happen unless it meets or exceeds £3,500 goal. At the time of writing it’s just passed two grand, 57% funded with 13 days to go. It’s getting there but it’s going to need more folks willing to invest to help it on its way. So perhaps, like the PCG, you fancy attending, or maybe you just like the idea of supporting from afar, and with the lowest pledge only one measly pound I hope we can spread the word here a bit more to ensure 31st August 2013 becomes a very special day indeed.

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