5 Mar 2013

On The Pull 06/03/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Tom P: Age Of Ultron #1 arrives on the stands this Wednesday and I’ll have to check it out. You see, about two years ago artist Bryan Hitch's was in desperate need of a scanner and, through a mixture of luck and Twitter, the man ended up sat in my dining room! I scanned the pages of this Marvel book for him a while he signed a copy of The Ultimates and chatted with me about the industry for a while. It was brilliant and he was an all round top bloke. So on a personal note, I can't wait to see the finished product and quit biting my tongue on the little I already knew about it! I recently devoured all the issues so far of All-New X-Men and thought it was a blast: a great team and a fun new direction. I don't like Beast’s new look having quite liked the ‘cat’ like version, but what can you do?  I look forward to the 8th instalment this week. Avengers #7 and Superior Spider-Man #5 will also be must-haves as both titles have been real page-turners of late. Winter Soldier #16 is still on probation as the new creative team settles in but so far I like what I'm reading. That just leaves Sex #1 - to save you an embarking on an embarrassing Google search it’s written by Joe Casey who seems to want a suitably attention-grabbing title for his new work Image book.

Stewart R: Let's talk about Sex, baby! Oh yes, it's time for Joe Casey to return to the comic writing fold with his new series through Image and as I previewed in Ten Forward a couple of months back I've been looking forward to seeing just how this will turn out. The idea of retired superheroes is certainly nothing new, but Casey seems to be taking a closer look at the true psychological and sociological effects that a life of crime-fighting has on these individuals. If nothing else I'm half expecting the Daily Mail to chirp up with some comment or other on the title alone come tomorrow. Image once again seem to be where the action is at this week with anticipated next chapters in series such as Great Pacific, I Love Trouble and Bedlam. I've now shrugged off my current interest in Mara from Brian Wood, resolving to possibly pick that up in trade, and decided that with the bulging list of titles coming out of Image's doors that I shall pass on Lost Vegas #1.

Elsewhere, I'm excited to see where Tony Stark's journey into the far reaches of the galaxy takes him in Iron Man #7 and just what this crazy sounding 'White Event' is that appears to be quite the focal point in Jonathan Hickman's Avengers #7.  Dustin Weaver takes his turn on artistic duties for the next few issues and I'm polishing my eyes in readiness for the spectacle to come!  Over at DC I'll of course be picking up Green Lantern #18 to see if the First Lantern’s reality-altering plans come to fruition and what the ranks of the various corps can do to possibly stop him as Geoff Johns winds things up! Speaking of things that need to be stopped, I certainly need to start making a dedicated effort to get all of my backlog of comics read as I'm now getting into that undesirable habit of having two or three comics in my weekly pull-list that I can't read until I've made my way through previous instalments. That's a slippery reading slope and one that needs to be levelled out pronto!

Matt C: This week, it’s all about sex. Okay, that’s not entirely true, it would be more accurate to say this week it’s all about Sex #1, a new creator-owned project from the mind of Joe Casey about a retired superhero who is now focusing on getting his end away as much as possible. Casey’s a guy who’s had plenty of dalliances with mainstream comic books, and clearly has a lot of love for the superhero genre, but there’s a big part of him that likes going after all the tropes and clichés with an almost iconoclastic glee. Not every project of his works, but enough of them do to ensure I’ll check out pretty much anything he turns his hand too. The big title this Wednesday is Age Of Ultron #1, although perhaps not quite as big as originally intended - apparently this was due to be the event of the summer last year until Avengers Vs. X-Men got in the way, so with that in mind it does feel like its importance has diminished somewhat. It features Bryan Hitch’ last work for Marvel though, so I may give it a look. Another new title I’ll definitely be giving a look is Hellheim #1 from Oni Press. Writer Cullen Bunn has been crafting an exciting supernatural Western in the form of The Sixth Gun at Oni so I’m keen to see if he can bring the same kind of magic to the era of Vikings.

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