9 Apr 2013

On The Pull 10/04/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Stewart R: It's something of an 'Avenging' Wednesday according to my pull-list thanks to a bumper week where I will be picking up the following: Avengers #9, Avengers Arena #7, Avenging Spider-Man #19 and Uncanny Avengers #6! All very different books and all with something exciting about them. Jonathan Hickman is finding next to no criticism from the PCG at present for his Avengers work (as well as new projects like East Of West) and I can't wait to see what pieces he adds to his humongous puzzle this time around. Dennis Hopeless has been nailing the powered teen drama in Avengers Arena and Chris Yost has produced some fine SpOck (Spidey and Ock together?) stories since Slott played his big Superior Spider-Man hand. Rick Remender meanwhile has not hit the highs on Uncanny Avengers that he did with Uncanny X-Force, or even Secret Avengers for that matter, but I can see what he's now trying to do with the isolation and stigma that comes with being X-Men now affecting how this team of Avengers operates and it's interesting stuff. Elsewhere I'm pleased to see Greg Pak's Dead Man's Run #4 finally find its way into the light after a big fat delay and it's crunch time for DC with three of their 'WTF' editions hitting my pile tomorrow. Bit sad to say, but I've low expectations for Green Lantern Corps #19 as I'm close to losing all enthusiasm for the Wrath Of The First Lantern event, and I'm going to be looking for Batman #19 to astound as I found the 'Requiem' effort of #18 to be lacking. Batman And Red Robin #19 will no doubt cause a stir so we'll see how that reads and whether the mini-hype will have been worth it. Hmmm, think I should end this by stating that I'm hoping the sophomore issue of Joe Casey's Sex doesn't prove to be 'sloppy seconds'! Hur-de-hur!

Matt C: My three favourite Marvel comic books all appear this week, and I think as a trio they exemplify why the House of Ideas are currently sprinting ahead while DC continue to flounder. Hawkeye, Thor: God Of Thunder and Avengers are three very different books but each one shows that the superhero genre still has plenty of mileage left in it, especially when guided by premier creators like Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron and Jonathan Hickman, and illustrated to perfection by artists like David Aja, Esad Ribic and Dustin Weaver. Just those three would make it a great week, but there's more. From Image there are the next issues of Sex and Saga, Dark Horse offer up Star Wars #4 and Th3rd World Studios have the latest instalment of the wonderful Stuff Of Legend: The Toy Collector. A tidy stack of comics, all told. DC who?

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