7 May 2013

On The Pull 08/05/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Stewart R: Oooh, this proved to be the crunch week then. That's it. Batman has left my pull-list for now. Well I say that, but it only actually refers to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's book at this time as I'm still heavily invested with Peter Tomasi's work on Batman And (insert sidekicks' names here) which sees its twentieth chapter out tomorrow. The emotional journey that Bruce Wayne is taking following the loss of Damian has been electrifying stuff and there's no sign of that book dropping off my radar any time soon. The same may not be said for Tomasi's other title of note, Green Lantern Corps, as this week's effort marks his and Fernando Pasarin's last contribution to what has been a terrific read to date. I'll take a look at the Green Lantern books after the shakeup, but there are no guarantees that I'll invest too heavily at this time. Once again Marvel's side of the comic book table is all about the various Avenging/Avengers/Uncanny titles this Wednesday with five books linked by those titular additions. I will state that of those Uncanny X-Force has the most work ahead of it as the story seems to be pedalling along, yet could maybe do with a kick in the backside, especially with Brian Wood's female-centric X-Men title lingering on the horizon. Avengers Arena #9 is probably my most anticipated book of the week as the tension over which character could meet their end next is simply delectable and doesn't look like it'll be going away any time soon!

Matt C: A week featuring a healthy number of great titles, although nothing is really rising to the top of the pack at the moment. Strong contenders include Avengers #11 and Thor #8, but then there’s the welcome appearance of Prophet to consider with the boundless sci-fi imagination it displays, although we may have to treasure it while it lasts as rumours I hear suggest it’s coming to an end soon. Storm Dogs, also from Image Comics, is one of those series I’ve decided to read upon conclusion as I felt I was losing a lot of the detail reading it on its monthly schedule, so with the penultimate instalment due to drop this Wednesday perhaps I better start catching up before the (season?) finale arrives in – presumably - four or five weeks’ time. The first issue proper of Uber appears this week, and while several of my PCG colleagues were less than enamoured with the #0 issue (“Shit!”, as one of them so eloquently put it!) there was enough potential within its pages to have me come back for another helping, although it will need to really convince me to stick around for more.

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