21 May 2013

On The Pull 22/05/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: After enticing us with Sex (will that joke ever get old? Please don’t answer that!) Joe Casey brings his next Image title into view in the form of The Bounce and really, what it’s about is kind of secondary – it’s a Joe Casey book and while there’s no guarantee I’ll like it there’s no way I’m not giving it a shot. Normally I’d want a lot more to go on than ‘slacker superhero’, but with Casey that’s plenty to get me to put my money down. My Marvel haul looks like it will just beat the number of Image titles I’m taking home dependant on whether I go with Uncanny Avengers #8AU. I’ve not bothered with any of the other AU titles (they scream of pointless cash-grab, more than usual) but as it features Kang and the Apocalypse twins – and the regular creative team – I figure it’ll fit into the current time-hopping shenanigans of the series and be actually be worth a look. So I guess I’ve talked myself into that one. And if it doesn’t scratch the Avengers itch fully, surely Hickman’s Avengers #12 will?

Stewart R: And let the normal, bat-shit crazy service resume! A huge pull-list to wade waist-deep through this Wednesday and it seems that most publishers are throwing their weight behind that effort. Image seem to come in as the heavyweight with no less than six different titles screaming for a shot at being my first read. I'm really looking forward to Nowhere Men #5 as this sci-fi series has started to bring all of the separate threads together and I wonder if this issue might be the one where a lot of the mystery is torn away so we can see just what everyone has been up to. It's a good week for Joe Casey fans as not only do we have Sex #3 to contend with, but also his newest superhero book in the form of The Bounce #1. By the looks of the preview this will drift close to Casey's slightly adult line of writing, yet the blurb suggests that The Bounce is the 'feel-good hero of the decade' so we'll see just how good we feel about this book in a couple of months!

There's one DC title on my list this week, easing them into the lightweight division, but it should be a big puncher in the shape of Green Lantern #20 which marks both the end of the ‘Wrath of the First Lanter’n event - already spoiled by reading Green Lantern Corps #20 two weeks ago (Grrrr!) - and the departure from the world of the Green Lanterns and the other Corps for Geoff Johns. I consider Johns to be a writer who delivers the journey better than the destination from having read his previous GL events, but I'd like to see him ace this finale as he's the one responsible for my love of the Lantern universe. And as for Marvel? Well it's a bumper weigh-in for them too. I'm not entirely convinced that I need to pick up Uncanny Avengers #8AU (despite its frickin’ awesome cover!) and will flick through before deciding on whether to purchase it. I have no doubts, however, on the likes of X-Men Legacy #11, Avengers #12, Superior Spider-Man #10 and Uncanny X-Men #6 which are all shoe-ins. Having managed to catch up on eight issues of Mark Waid's Daredevil I'm now stuck in something of a predicament on whether to build up a few issues - starting with this week's #26 - for a delicious bulk read a few months down the line. What a superb dilemma to have though!

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Badger said...

Interesting stack of titles you gentlemen are purchasing this week.
Sad to see there's only one DC among them,but hey each to one's own.
As for me I'll be picking up my usual stack of titles [29 this week] and I must say I'm really looking forward to picking up The Green Team from DC,I remember this bunch of characters from DC's 1st Issue Special from May 1975,still got it in my collection somewhere.
Bounce looks an interesting title but I have a hard time with the comics Image publish,having picked up a few of their new titles recently I find them not to my taste,in fact the only Image title I've ever managed from issue 1 to the last is the fantastic comic The Sword.
I'd love to see a review of The Green Team if anyone is picking it up and if anyone is interested I recommend picking up the first issue of The Movement,one issue so far but what a fantastic opening issue.
Well that's it from me as I'm off to do some late night comic reading as I'm three weeks behind with my reading [bloody life getting in the way of my hobby again]until next time I leave you with this "There is no great genius without some touch of madness [from Seneca],happy reading gentlemen.