28 May 2013

On The Pull 29/05/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Stewart R: It seems that every Wednesday of late leads me to start making judgement calls on a title to potentially drop. A year ago I could rely on miniseries coming to an end, or a creative team shift to allow the wave goodbye to come at a natural juncture, but lately I've been making more and more harsh calls about titles that I feel are just not living up to my expectations. This week it's Uncanny X-Force that finds itself on the chopping block and it's a decision in the shape of a double-bladed axe that finds itself hurtling towards Sam Humphries X-book. Firstly, I've been a little underwhelmed by the pace of this latest iteration of UXF and found myself getting to the end of each issue and wishing that there had just been something 'more' to it. Secondly, Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel's X-Men #1 hits those hallowed shelves of comic book stores around the globe tomorrow and I've a suspicion that I'll be able to get my fix of strong, female mutant characters from that offering with the potential for a story with a bit more drive and a feeling of importance to it. I'll still have a leaf through UXF's pages before making that final choice though... Elsewhere it's quite the varied week with Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy teaming up again (HOORAY!!) to bring us the debut of their Vertigo maxi series The Wake which promises a veritable tsunami of sci fi/horror, Paul Jenkins' superhero mystery powerhouse, Deathmatch continues with #6, and Dark Horse's latest fantasy adventure title with a strong female lead Amala's Blade turns up with its second chapter.

Matt C: Does the world need another X-book? No, of course it doesn't, there have been far too many of them cluttering up the shelves over the years, not all of them of a high enough standard to justify their existence. Remember the days when it was just Uncanny X-Men? No, me either, but I do remember a time before Marvel felt in necessary to flood the market with multiple X-books on a monthly basis. Which, of course, is not to say that they've all been terrible - far from it - but the great titles regularly overshadow the lesser ones to the point where they become redundant. Having said that, even if there were 60 X-books a month I'd still think there'd be room for one more if it had Brian wood's name on it. His recent stint on the last book to hold the adjectiveless title X-Men resulted in some of the most intelligently crafted issues featuring Marvel's premier mutants we've seen in a while, so the signs for X-Men #1 are very promising indeed, especially when you add Olivier Copiel to the mix. This issue will be at the top of my pile this Wednesday. Next one down will be The Wake. Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy are easily two of the top talents working over at DC/Vertigo, and when you get them together you know some magic will occur on the page, so simply the genre - sci-fi/horror - is enough to whet my appetite. There other books out this week of course, but these two are the ones I'm most excited by. Let's hope they don't disappoint!

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