5 Jul 2013

The PCG's Top 15 Current Comics - July 2013

In the early days of the Paradox Comics Group we used to run a regular Top 15 Current Comics compiled from votes provided by both members of the PCG and customers at the Paradox shop. It gave a good indication of what people were reading and - most importantly - enjoying at any given time. It rarely bore any resemblance to the Diamond sales charts and proved that although superheroes were still our bread and butter, there was a variety of different tastes on display.

It's something that's lain dormant for a while so we've decided to resurrect it and this time around voting is confined to the members of the PCG, the intention being to show what the people behind this site are reading (and enjoying!) right now.

So you can take this as a definitive answer to the question, what do the PCG consider to be the best comic books currently being published...

15. The Massive (Dark Horse)
14. Captain America (Marvel)
13. Avengers Arena (Marvel)
12. Conan The Barbarian (Dark Horse)
11. The Private Eye (Panel Synicate)
10. Uncanny Avengers (Marvel)
 9. Superior Spider-Man (Marvel)
 8. Think Tank (Image/Top Cow)
 7. East Of West (Image)
 6. New Avengers (Marvel)
 5. Daredevil (Marvel)
 4. Thor: God Of Thunder (Marvel)
 3. Saga (Image)
 2. Avengers (Marvel)
 1. Hawkeye (Marvel)

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